When A Nation Needs Awakening


Lord, may our nation know the fires of revival and spiritual awakening (Jer 2:-selected). #LordSendRevivalAndAwakening #LordSendRepentanceInTheLand


Though God has blessed this nation, still Judah (its leaders, priests and people) ignore and worse, reject God. They do not seek the Lord (v8). They refuse to serve the Lord (v20). They are oblivious to their unfaithfulness to the Lord (v23). They thumb their noses at God and brazenly admit they are irresistibly in love with foreign gods, won’t change course. But, they cry out to God when they are in trouble (v27). They presume upon God’s grace and mercy [We’re special.] (v35). Really?

Lord, like Judah, how America has strayed from her moral and spiritual center. Her leaders, priests and people turn a deaf and indifferent ear towards you. She has broken her yoke of surrender to you. She has corrupted the values upon which she was founded. She is oh so stained by her sin ands rebellion against you. She goes brazenly hard after other, lessor gods in total abandonment.

Lord, sweep across our nation like a blazing prairie fire in revival and spiritual awakening

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