Hardened Hearts


Do not put off repentance before God (Jer 13:24-27). #TutnNowToGod #Repent #DoNotHardenYourHeart


God now makes clear his intentions. If there was any doubt before, it is clear now. God will scatter the people of Judah. They will no longer have a homeland. Just as they have done detestable acts of idolatry, shamelessly done acts of prostitution (pagan orgies) in the open for all to see, so God will expose their naked lust for all to see.

It is decreed by God what is to be their lot…their end. Judgment will fall on them. Lord, my beloved nation is guilty of all of this and more. She flaunts her sin in your face. May she turn back to you before it is too late.

Forsake Ungodliness


Maintain a pure heart towards God, free of ungodly influence (Zph 1:2-6). #GiveGodAPureHeart #ForsakeUngodlyWorship #VeraciousDevotionToGod


Zephaniah unloads a stark message from God to the people of Judah. One of the greatest sins of Judah, if not the greatest, was the worship of Baal, the worship of Molech. These pagan gods were hideous in their nature. They elevated child sacrifice, burned by fire – destroyed.

Ashtaroth was a third popular (female) God, although not mentioned here, but by other prophets of God. So, sexual rites and temple prostitutes were in abundance. Impressive temple structures, loud music and lude dancing had captivated the hearts of God’s people. Lord, give this intercessor sentry a pure heart, free from the worship of any other gods but you.

The Right To Refuse

PRAYER: Turn your focus from self to God (Col 3:5-7). #DenySelf #DenyTheFlesh https://www.bible.com/116/col.3.5-7.nlt


Here, Paul moves from the ideal of “death to self“ (v3) to the practical working out of that principle in reality, in the believer’s daily life. Every day this body of flesh will challenge the right of God to be in control. This is nowhere seen more clearly than in sexual sin, immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed. All of these sins of the flesh say, “SATISFY ME!”

Self is obsessed with itself, the adoration and worship of itself. This is what brings God’s displeasure. These sins will not only be judged in eternity, they will also incur their own judgment here and now. Who has not felt that condemnation? Father, I rely upon your strength to turn from sin to you. I reserve the “right to refuse” service to self.

Wandering Eyes

You must control where your eyes wander (Job 31:1-12). #LustfulLookIsThe2ndLook https://www.bible.com/97/job.31.1-4,9-12.msg


Day 20 of 40 days of prayer for family and friends. Lord, may my family and friends maintain a healthy and pure thought like.

Job made a “covenant with his eyes“ not to look with lust after a woman. The “eye” in Scripture equates to a spirit of understanding; the thought life. Jesus makes this point in Matthew 6:22,23. Job is essentially making a promise to himself for his own good, not to allow lust to gain control in his life.

What is lust? It is the long look, the second look, the intentional look. The first look may be unavoidable. But the second look is a choice. One must choose to “UNLOOK”; to maintain a spirit of purity. If my eyes don’t look, my heart won’t wander into lust.

Reign in where your eyes wander (on the street, in books and magazines, movies, TV and internet). The theme song of the movie, Jeremiah Johnson says this, “The way that you wander is the way that you choose.” Lord, may this sentry on duty honor you with the choices I make with my eyes and my thought life.