How Big Is God?


May we revere and exalt God as the only source and mover of the known universe (Heb 1:10–12). #GodIsBiggerThanWeThought


Just in case you missed or misunderstood the message of Christ’s unique place outside the universe, God reiterates it here. Jesus, the “Son“ of God, set the foundation of the earth and, with his own hands, made the universe in which earth is suspended. He is like a man who exists outside the orb of a “sno-globe.” Wrap your head around that. How big is god? Indescribably big.

Then consider this: one day the entire known (and unknown) universe will perish. This universe will wear out like an old coat. According to Hebrews Ch1, Jesus will fold it up like old clothes and discard it.* There will be a new heaven and a new earth. Jesus, the “Son,“ shall reign there forevermore. For me to worship and depend upon anything in this world is laughable, foolhardy. Lord, you are the only lasting and dependable thing in the universe.


* Dare I make this anthropomorphistic comparison? Our universe is like the alternate universe (a giant movie set) created in the 1998 film classic, The Truman Show. When the show abruptly ended the “set” would presumably have been taken down and discarded, it’s purpose completed.

How big is God? He will one day fold up our old deteriorating universe (heaven & earth as we know it) and discard it in favor of a new heaven and a new earth (Isa 65:17; 66:22; Heb 12:26-28; Rev 21:1).

How arrogant am I, or any man or woman, be they leader or follower; sinner or saint. How feeble and weak are our prayers, plans and grand designs.

How small is our thinking that we believe that, “WE can save the planet.” OMG! All the Madero’s, Trump’s, Biden’s, Netanyahu’s, Chi’s, Macron’s, Putin‘s, Zelinsky‘s, Trudeau‘s of this world well one day bow their knee to the Lord of Glory.

How big is God? Words cannot describe the vast, enormous, immense and expansive knowledge, ability and power of God.

This simple prayer sentry stands speechless that the Lord of Glory would stoop down in Christ Jesus to communicate his love towards us; to listen to the praying saints of all time. Then answer.