Keep The First Thing, The First Thing

Remain faithful to your call to serve Christ (Acts 20:16-21). #ShareJesusNow #RepentAndTurnToGod


Paul is rounding off his third and final missionary journey through Asia to preach the Gospel. He is headed to Jerusalem, anxious to arrive by Passover (a time of celebration). His desire is to deliver an offering collected in his travels, for the Jerusalem church; a very poor and needy church due to persecution and famine.

Paul’s stop near Ephesus begs a meeting with church elders from there. He reviews with them the importance of the Gospel – “Turn from sin, turn to God, put faith in the Lord Jesus.“ Paul had suffered much to preach this message to all people. I can do no less. Lord, it is ever the mission this sentry to, “Influence Men For Christ.“ May I never shrink from my mission.

The One Thing

Fulfill the call of God in your life (Rom 15:16-23). #WriteYourEpitaph,23.nlt


Paul’s greatest ambition was to preach the Good News of Christ to those who had not yet heard the message. He was enthusiastic about his mission and he credits God for the results. He was faithful to the message and to living an exemplary life…But it is God who gives the increase.

Paul had accomplished all God had called him to do this far. Next on God‘s agenda was to actually visit the church in Rome. It is important to know our one ambition for Christ. (In 3-5 words, what would they write on my tombstone? That’s the mission.) Lord, I pray that I may fulfill my one ambition in life, to “influence men for Christ (2Ti 4:5). May I do so to your honor and glory.