No Time To Reject God

To ignore and reject God is to bring certain disaster (2Ch 28:5–8). #Broken #ReturnToGod


So ungodly King Ahaz (vv1-4) of Judah (Southern Kingdom) rejected Isaiah‘s counsel to ask God for a sign (Isa 7:1-13). He was faced with an impending battle with Israel (Northern Kingdom) and Aram, a pagan nation. Ahaz, instead of listening to the counsel of Isaiah and calling upon God, decided to align Judah with the godless nation of Assyria.

The result was devastating. 120,000 experienced warriors were slaughtered; 200,000 women and children were taken captive. Many more were exiled to a foreign country. All of this took place because Ahaz arrogantly refused to trust God in his crisis (Isa 7:12). Lord, may I (my country) always have the faith to trust you in every battle.

What of America? Ravaged by sickness and death in a pandemic; torn apart by godless behavior in the streets; beaten down by the economic reversals; made weary by hurricanes and wildfires. Will she turn back to God? What say you, America?

If the sentry sounds the alarm and good men do nothing, what will the end be?


This is not a topic about which I was ready to speak. I have thought about it for several months now. It likely won’t be received with much enthusiasm. I take no pleasure in bringing the topic up. But Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congress Woman from San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, has put the topic on the table.

Here is what Nancy Pelosi said about the recent hurricanes and out of control fire disasters in California, Washington and Oregon. Mother earth is angryShe’s telling us the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, the fires in the west (whatever it is) that climate crisis is real and has an impact.”

But could it be that it is the Sovereign God of the Bible that is the one who is angry? And it would not be about a “climate crisis.” Consider also the worldwide COVID pandemic, economic upheaval, rioting, violence and unchecked crime in the streets of our major cities? All these kinds of disasters have intensified dramatically. Might God be trying to tell to us something?


America has long since left her spiritual roots. She has drifted far from her godly heritage. BUT REALLY, has she drifted that far? Well, let me ask, how should God view abortion on demand in America, or rampant and open homosexuality? How should God view no mention of Him in the classrooms of America, or prayer? How should God understand the political correctness that no longer tolerates a Christian witness in the market place? What might God be thinking of corrupt leadership in government and corporate America? What might God’s heart be regarding the failed family unit in our world? Is God trying to tell us something?

We are living in perilous times and subject to perilous men. Hear the words of the apostle Paul in Second Timothy 3:3-9:

1) You should know this, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. 2) For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. 3) They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4) They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5) They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!

6) They are the kind who work their way into people’s homes and win the confidence of vulnerable women who are burdened with the guilt of sin and controlled by various desires. 7) They are forever following new teachings, but they are never able to understand the truth. 8) These teachers oppose the truth just as [those who] opposed Moses. They have depraved minds and a counterfeit faith. 9) But they won’t get away with this for long. Someday everyone will recognize what fools they have been. (NLT)

What must the sentry on the watch do? It is not my role to condemn or judge. It is my task to just simply sound an alarm; ask the question. What the apostle Paul says in Second Timothy sounds perilously like our world today.


Here is a question for us to contemplate: If God was angry at America, what might it look like? If God were to remove his hand of blessing from America, what might that look like? Might it look a lot like the disasters we are witnessing today? I’m just asking.

We may also ask, where is the voice of the church in the midst of these disasters? Where are the calls for prayer to an almighty God to intervene? Where are the ministers and Christians in the cities, calling for peace and putting their lives in God’s service to work for peace and bring people together around the Gospel of Christ? 

I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE INTERCESSORS WORLDWIDE working overtime in prayer. They are offering up mighty intercessions for America and other nations around the world. I have myself participated in many of these calls to prayer. What I am saying is this. Where are the days when pastors, prominent leaders, government officials and even news castors were standing up and calling for prayers that God might intervene? Their voices are nowhere to be heard. What does that mean for America?


The single greatest need of America is revival and spiritual awakening. America and many of America’s churches have drifted far away from God. Many Americans openly oppose the name of Jesus. While there is still time, the church and America must repent and return to a humble and godly reverence [respect] for a sovereign and compassionate God.

What is God saying to me? 2 Timothy 4:1-5 tells me more. It’s not to late to turn back to the God of the Bible.

1) I solemnly urge you in the presence of God and Christ Jesus, who will someday judge the living and the dead when he comes to set up his Kingdom: 2) Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.

3) For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. 4) They will reject the truth and chase after myths.

5) But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.



Be watchful [and pray].

Be ready to endure any affliction

Keep telling the Good News of Jesus

Carry out the ministry call of God


Where Is The Church In 2020?

AMERICA, yea even the world has been experiencing an upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, major social unrest and devastating economic fallout. The entire world has been in lockdown, sheltering in place, to slow the spread of a deadly virus. In midst of this life altering lockdown has come the cries of “police brutality” after the death of an African-American man in Minneapolis. The streets of cities large and small in America and around the world have been filled with protests and violence. 

I found myself expressing the notion to some that during this time in 

history, the church seems noticeably absent.

With “shelter in place,” cover your face and social distancing orders, people are not only cut off from each other, but Christians have had no voice. In fact they have been told not to gather for worship and if they did gather they were told, “Do not sing.” Couple this with the social unrest and clashes within our culture, there is a perfect storm. 

Where is the church? Why, she is locked away at home. Muzzled by a mask and not allowed to get close enough to anyone to have a conversation. Having a conversation is what the church does best. Let alone taking to streets and being at risk of not only a pandemic but also violence. Christians have been neatly stashed away while Satan, the evil one, the enemy of the hearts of men, runs loose in the streets and operates unhindered by the likes of any Holy effort inspired of God. 

The church has been reeling. BUT, she is getting her legs back under her. Christians have stepped up with online posts, blogs and webpages. They are online and they are not silent. Pastors are preaching to more folks than ever, online. New avenues of ministry are being sought after.

In addition, the numbers of online prayer calls have increased. Thousands of intercessors around the world are breaking the barriers in the atmosphere of cyber space. Their voices of praise, adoration, confession, repentance and surrender to a holy God are being lifted to the throne room of heaven daily. The church is showing up online with force and the power of the Holy Spirit to win the hearts of men. 

We are seeing answers to our prayers.

We are seeing clarification for parents and teachers about starting school up again in the fall. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there. The spike in COVID-19 cases in Fla and Tex has begun to plateau.  

CBN News, July 21, 2020: 

Mike Ansari, who runs Mohabat TV, one of the most popular Christian satellite channels in Iran told CBN News that Mohabat TV is recording 10 times more online [conversions to Christ] than this time last year.[1]Ansari says, “We are registering around 3,000 personal decisions by Iranian Muslims to leave Islam for Christianity during this ‘COVIDF revival’” That’s three thousand people each month who have decided to follow Jesus Christ since the pandemic began in March, [2020]. 

The large number of people leaving Islam is causing a backlash against the church. Dozens of Christians have been arrested and imprisoned for responding to the gospel message since March, [2020].

Kingsley Clement Reports on July 19, 2020, hundreds marching for Jesus over the Brooklyn Bridge.[2] This is the church taking Jesus to the streets

A friend working in Church Relations at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention reported to me on July 13, 2020, that SBTC pastors and SBTC staffers are proposing, “RETHINK.” Rethink ministry. Re think Evangelism. Rethink opportunity. Rethink church. Rethink, Rethink, Rethink.

So … Where Is The Church In 2020?

“She IS here. She IS present and she IS accounted for. 

Jesus Has NOT Forsaken His Beautiful Radiant Bride!”




Bringing The Children To The Teacher

Praying through the dilemma of students returning to school this fall. How to pray? The Lord gave me a picture of what our prayer effort might look like from Mark 10:13-16.

13 People were bringing children to Him so that He would touch and bless them, but the disciples reprimanded them and discouraged them [from coming]. 14 But when Jesus saw this, He was indignant and He said to them, “Allow the children to come to Me; do not forbid them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 I assure you and most solemnly say to you, whoever does not receive andwelcome the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.” 16 And He took the children [one by one] in His arms and blessed them [with kind, encouraging words], placing His hands on them. (AMP)

Hopeful PARENTS, maybe grand parents, were bringing their CHILDREN to Jesus (the TEACHER), while the disciples (those in AUTHORITY) looked on with some dismay at overwhelming the Teacher (they were trying to do the right thing – they just did not have God’s perspective). All four players in this story can be seen in our circumstances today: PARENTS, A TEACHER, CHILDREN, AUTHORITIES. Each of these was making hard choices, just as they are today. Of course we know that Jesus was the only one who stood outside that element of concern. But for the sake of illustration, much was and is at stake. 

We ought to pray that the AUTHORITIES (public health officials and school administrators) who govern school starts this fall will be pointed to godly counsel and wisdom. May they have clarity and certainty in their deliberations. Give them a culture of honesty, order and integrity. May they see God in their counsel & decisions.

Pray that TEACHERS are filled with a righteous compassion. Lord, unlike Jesus, teachers today are challenged beyond their experience and often overwhelmed. They are learning new multilevel platforms – methods of teaching. They need a spirit of righteous compassion; loving kindness toward students, parents and administrators. May they trust in God and see God at work in their daily lives.

Pray that PARENTS are pointed to godly wisdom and know what they are to do; their fears and anxiety be moderated. Give parents wisdom and clarity. Help them to overcome fears for their children’s safety. Lift any financial burdens that families are experiencing. May they trust in God fully. Pray that God be glorified and his name given fame in the land.

Pray that CHILDERN will be blessed, kept safe and pointed to Jesus. May they be blessed and protected. Pray their needs be met: medical care, nutrition, and vaccines. Pray their physical, emotional and mental well being be secure; free of any abuse. Abba knows their names. He cares for each. Father, may we make it a priority to bring the children to Jesus, first and foremost. Pray that God be glorified in all. Father, would you raise up a generation of young men and women who trust in God and love God unconditionally. Raise up students who will take the Gospel into the next generation.

MAY I ADD HERE…If there is to be sweeping revival and awakening in America it must begin with the most intimate and personal of relationships. What could be of more use to God than the family unit and parents bringing their children to Jesus?

Father, I pray that in the midst of all these decisions that you would be honored; that your fame would be spread throughout the land as the deliverer of this nation from Corona Virus pandemic. I pray Father, that your providence will guide this nation again, as it has before, and that it will result in a national turning to Jesus, Lord of all. AMEN!