Open Letter to a Friend in Need of Healing

We have heard from our mutual friend about what you all are facing right now. We know how challenging this can be. My wife is a two-time cancer survivor. Surviving is the good news. The harder news is living with some of the residual effects. Never the less, God is good and he walks that dusty road with us.

Some time ago the Lord spoke to my heart as I was praying for another friend of ours, also going through some hard health issues. I was reminded that no matter how hard, how long or how in earnest we pray, one day we will be called upon to join him in that celebrated place we call Heaven. What a joy that will be. “Better than homemade ice cream,” my aged friend and mentor (himself passed on to glory) used to say. In the meantime, there is so much more we can do in prayer covering as we make the journey down those dusty roads of life.

I Came to the Following Conclusions About Prayer for Healing:

Healing is needed in several areas. Of course, physical healing is the primary one we seek when there is illness. May God be gracious to grant healing to the body. But there is so much more. As we pass through the physical challenges of life, there is an enormous need for mental healing, to deal with the multitude of decisions and thoughts in the middle of the night over our needs, the needs of family, maybe the financial concerns. There is also the need for emotional healing, to get us through the pain of dealing with our own feelings…feelings for children, our spouse, our own inner voices that relentlessly pursue us. Finally and more importantly, spiritual healing. Oh, how we need the blessed Savior to enter into our reality at the point of our spiritual need. We need his strength, his mighty power, his comfort and most of all, his indwelling, personal presence…that peace that passes beyond all understanding.

The truth is, I can’t possibly know God’s will in everyone’s life for whom I pray. I barely know what God is doing in my own life. God has his specific plan for each of us. That is the daily pursuit for which we seek God. But God has given me freedom to pray, unfettered, over the many needs that co-exist with the physical. Perhaps it is that God may be far more interested in the emotional, mental or spiritual healing in those for whom I pray, than he is concerned with the physical. If all is well mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the physical will take care of itself. 

[Jesus once asked a group of critics, “Which is easier, to forgive this man of his sins or to heal him?” Of course, by comparison, the healing was the easiest thing. But the spiritual healing, the forgiveness, would be impossible if he were not God; and he specializes in the hard things.]

All that to say to you both, we’ll be praying the whole spectrum of healing: your mind, body, emotions and spirit. In all of that, God is good. He will meet the need of the hour for you both. 

Having said that, let me just mention that my bride of 50+ years is dealing with dementia in the Alzheimer’s family. Life for her is challenging. I won’t go into detail here. But I can say that she is the sweetest person I know. Dementia has not robbed her of her relationship with Jesus. She talks about heaven all the time and her deep concern for others to know Christ. She puts me to shame. I live with a cherub. I know that if she could, she would be so concerned for you both and would be a warrior princess for you in prayer. In the meantime, I will be carrying the water in prayer on your behalf, for both us. 

God bless.