No Time To Reject God

To ignore and reject God is to bring certain disaster (2Ch 28:5–8). #Broken #ReturnToGod


So ungodly King Ahaz (vv1-4) of Judah (Southern Kingdom) rejected Isaiah‘s counsel to ask God for a sign (Isa 7:1-13). He was faced with an impending battle with Israel (Northern Kingdom) and Aram, a pagan nation. Ahaz, instead of listening to the counsel of Isaiah and calling upon God, decided to align Judah with the godless nation of Assyria.

The result was devastating. 120,000 experienced warriors were slaughtered; 200,000 women and children were taken captive. Many more were exiled to a foreign country. All of this took place because Ahaz arrogantly refused to trust God in his crisis (Isa 7:12). Lord, may I (my country) always have the faith to trust you in every battle.

What of America? Ravaged by sickness and death in a pandemic; torn apart by godless behavior in the streets; beaten down by the economic reversals; made weary by hurricanes and wildfires. Will she turn back to God? What say you, America?

If the sentry sounds the alarm and good men do nothing, what will the end be?

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