The Obed Factor

Be a voice of mercy for God in your community (2Ch 28:9-15). #MobJusticeIsNoJustice #AgentOfCompassion


Judah, for her sin, and for the godless, even heinous sin of her king, Ahaz, were suffering under the hand of God. Their severe judgment came in large measure at the hand of their own rival countrymen, Israel. But Israel’s victory went too far. She mercilessly slaughtered thousands and intended to make slaves out of thousands more taken captive.

BUT, a man of God, a prophet, Obed, mentioned only here in these few verses, stands alone in a crowded mob who are arrogantly celebrating a bloody victory. His cry is for Israel to consider her own sin. Might God now turn his anger on Isreael? His call is for the humanitarian treatment and return of thousands of prisoners of their own national heritage, to Judah.

Would Obed be shouted down, silenced, “canceled”? Or would he be recognized and his voice be heard? Four leaders in their community courageously stood with Obed’s noble course of action. Lives and honor were saved. O Lord, would that this sentry have the same courage to stand up and speak for what is right, just and fair.

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