My Life Book On God’s Coffee Table


May your life be a beautifully painted landscape unto the Lord (Jer 2:20–25). #CoffeeTableLegacy

Prairie Church, Leadville, Colorado (RWHollar)


Many are the visions given to Jeremiah which paint pictures of Judah’s apostasy. These word pictures make clear her sin.

Judah is like the beast that has broken off the yoke that bound her to God, to follow after other lesser gods (v20). She is the fruitful vine that had grown wild and corrupt, producing no fruit (v21). She is depicted as linen with stains so bad nothing could remove the stains (v23). She is shown as a wild donkey in heat. She chases nonstop one lesser God after another for intimate relations (v24,25).

I ask myself, if God painted pictures of how I look to him, would it be worthy to be on his coffee table? Lord it is my desire that my life become a beautifully painted landscape onto you.

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