“Admit It And Quit It!”


Come clean with God for your sin (Jer 2:26). #AdmitItAndQuitIt #Incorrigible #Repent

You talkin’ ta me?


Like the thief who never feels shame…until he is caught, is Judah before God (v26). They say, “Oh no, it wasn’t me“ (vv23,35). INCORRIGIBLE! The facts (pesky facts) of their abandonment of God prove otherwise (vv27–32). I am afraid that I myself am guilty of this all too often. Aren’t we all?

Like the cat who ate the canary, the kid who is caught with his hand in the cookie jar, there is no denying Judah’s guilt of sin. Nor my guilt of sin. On my best day I am prone to sin. Rather than deny it, I need to own it. “Admit it and quit it,“ as someone once said. Lord give this sometimes wandering sentry the honesty to own his sin, confess it and receive your grace and mercy.

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