Window of Opportunity


While you still can, strive by faith to understand and follow God’s mission for you (Heb 6:7-8). #WindowOfOpportunity #FulfillGodsPlan #StandingStrongInFaith

Use Your Window


The writer is speaking to believers here (vv1-6 describes it beautifully clear). Verses 7 and 8 illustrate a principal of discipline in the believer’s life. When rain falls on a field, it bears fruit. If that same field bears only thorns, thistles and weeds, the farmer burns the worthless brush away. I don’t conclude this to mean that believers will lose their salvation or maybe they weren’t believers to begin with (read vv1-6 again).

My understanding and life experience of this leads me to conclude that believers who are rebellious, unwilling to listen to God and grow to maturity (5:11) are in danger. They have “fallen aside from,” “side-stepped,” their responsibility, their opportunities to be productive for God. They bring harm to the work of the Kingdom. God WILL bring correction and judgment on his children for their own good. Heb 3:12-19 is evidence of that. (Also note 1Co 3:12,13; 2Co 5:9-11)

Lord, may I never miss a window of opportunity to grow in my faith and obedience to you.



“Last Call”

God is serious about his children’s growth and obedience.

As an eight year old boy I gave my heart to Jesus. That’s when I met the Lamb of God. I had some growth in my early years. But later, in spite of my faith and upbringing, I became rebellious.

In college my life went completely off the rails. God often spoke to my heart, but I would not listen. I’ll spare you the details, but I wanted God to butt out of my life. I spurned my faith. Yet, in the deepest recesses of my heart, I knew that Jesus was tenaciously and compassionately striving with me.

Fast forward: through my rebellion I squandered my college opportunity. I was failing after three years of mischief. I was asked not to return to campus. As a result, I was drafted into the military. I soon found myself thousands of miles away from home in the war torn land of Vietnam.

God was bringing severe judgment and discipline into my life to get my attention. After many previous calls for me to return to him, to mature in my faith, to be used of him, he was about to issue the “Last Call.”

As a believer I was doing more harm to the faith than good. I was “falling aside from,” “side-stepping,” my responsibility, my opportunity to be productive for God. My lifestyle as a “believer” had brought me dangerously close to holding Jesus up to open shame. God was ready to set me aside, leaving the likelihood of my repentance for renewal as a remote and unlikely possibility (Heb 6:6).

On December 28, 1968, I was standing watch in a guard tower. It was in the early morning hours. I was lonely and I was scarred. I had a small New Testament in the pocket of my flak jacket (my church gave it to me before I left – it felt more like a good luck charm to me; maybe it would stop a bullet).

I pulled that New Testament from my pocket. I opened it up to the Gospel of John and began to read: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name:” (Jhn 1:1, 4-5, 10-12)

When I read the words, “He came to his own and his own did not receive him”, my heart was deeply convicted. I heard God distinctly speak into my heart. He said to me, “I have come to to you over and over again. You have not received what I have for you.”

In my heart I knew that I was living dangerously close to even more severe judgment than being in a hostile far away country (maybe committing a sin unto death – 1Jn 5:16,17. That’s when God issued what I knew then was my “Last Call.” He said to me, “Tonight you have a choice. You can go home in a body bag or you can go home serving me. The choice is yours and the time is now.”

The next thing I remember, I was on my hands and knees in that guard tower over the Saigon River. I was weeping and asking God to forgive my rebelliousness. I was broken, weeping and confessing sin.

[1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”]

On my knees in that guard tower before God I felt his cleansing touch. It washed me clean from the top of my combat helmet to the bottom of my combat boots. My heart and life was revived in joy and total surrender to God.

[When I was an eight year old boy I met the Lamb of God. At age twenty-one, I met the Lion of Judah. Jesus became the Undisputed Lord of my life.

I never looked back. Life changed for me in that solitary moment of surrender to God. For fifty-five years now God has continuously done gracious undeserved works in my life.

“Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion” (Heb 3:15).

Crippling Faith


Be alert to error leading to beliefs that cripple the faith (Heb 6:4–6). #BeAlert #CripplingFaith


Following the clear challenge to these mostly Jewish readers to grow up into maturity in Christ (vv1–3), the writer sounds a terse warning. Some believers in Christ, due to a lack of understanding and growth, were in danger of turning their backs on Christ and returning to a Jewish system of works for salvation. When one becomes unconcerned with their sin there is a catastrophic disconnect with God. Hearts are in danger of becoming hardened towards repentance.

Their apostate beliefs essentially put Christ to open shame again by their public disrespect of him and their hardened hearts toward God. Their influence puts the church in danger of division and confusion, crippling her effectiveness. They would be judged harshly for this by God (3:12–19; 6:7,8). Lord, may I be alert to anything that cripples my faith and leads me off the path of abundant life.

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No “No Fault” Policy


Understand your accountability before God (Heb 4:13). #NotMyFaultNoExcuse #AccountableToGod


What is made clear to man in the Word of God (that which both comforts and convicts from the pages of Scripture – Heb 4:12), is also manifest in him to whom all men are accountable (that is, Jesus Christ who is both Savior and Judge). Nothing in our lives is hidden from him. Before Christ every man’s shame, guilt and sin is and will be exposed.

The only saving grace for me is my response of Faith to the Good News of Salvation. Did I neglect or reject God‘s message of Salvation? Here’s the question. “How shall we escape [judgment] if we neglect so great a salvation” (Heb 2:3).

Lord, I understand there is no hiding my sin and corruption from you. “Not my fault,” is no excuse. Only my faith, repentance and confession of sin is what gives me full access to Salvation and Kingdom life.

To Risk No Rest


May our hearts always be set on God’s gracious rest (Heb 4:1–5). #KnowRest #RestInGod #Believe


The writer in this passage says it again…in case you didn’t get it the first couple of times: God’s rest is still available. Even though some will never experience it. This same rest announced to the ancient Hebrews is available to us today. “GOOD NEWS!“ But only those who believe will share in the rest of God.

BTW, this rest has stood since the beginning of time. God has always provided a rest of faith to those who believe. But be reminded again what scripture says. In essence: No faith in God, no rest in God. The risk is not in believing, but in not believing. Lord, may my heart always be set on belief and the rest of God.

American Legacy – Generation Lost?


Lord, may our children have godly, righteous leaders worthy of following (Heb 3:7–11; Psm 95:10,11). #ActionsHaveConsequences #LegacyMatters #GenerationLost


I heard Henry Blackeby (author and pastor) say of Psalm 95:10,11, “An entire adult generation cost the youth of their day much suffering in the wilderness.“ These words have haunted me for days as I have meditated on this Hebrews 3:7–11 text. I am left with a equally haunting question. In what conditions are we leaving our children in America?

A disobedient adult generation were the cause of Hebrew children and their families to wander in the wilderness for forty years. Forty years of eating manna. Forty years of windy dusty traveling nonstop. When the last adult of that disobedient generation died a child born at the beginning of the wilderness journey would have been 40ish. The oldest, like Caleb & Joshua (adjusting for ancient calendars), were in their 80s (Joshua 14:10). I learn that my actions have consequences for those I lead. Lord, may I leave the NEXT GEN a godly example to follow. 


A brief read of modern day Great Awakenings in America reveals them occurring approximately every fifty years (1740s, 1790s, 1850s, 1900s). There is some disagreement on specific dates. But following this pattern, America should have seen an Awakening around the 1950s-60s.

But what did we see? Well, what we saw was twenty to thirty year olds in the those years who were busy burning bras and American flags. They were busy removing prayer and the Bible from schools. They have been at work ever since, developing Progressivism, a WOKE culture, restricting chaplaincy programs in the military and prison systems, removing oaths that contain the words, “So help me God.” They have been aborting babies, changing gender definitions and so much more. God forgive us.

What generation was this? This would be the generation who gave us leaders like Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, Colin Powell, Earl Warren, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi to name a few. Lord, forgive us all.

So, as with that ancient Hebrew generation, perhaps, in God’s displeasure, he has discarded this 20th, 21st Century generation. Perhaps we are in the midst of a generation that God has chosen to bypass. Perhaps there will be no revival in the immediate days ahead.



But our hope may be for awakening and revival in our children’s generation. Maybe in the next 10-15 years. Better yet, the soon return of Christ. I PRAY FOR BOTH!



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Disbelief Exposed


May our hearts be delivered from evil disbelief (Heb 3:12–15). #EvilUnbelievingHeart #DoNotHardenYourHeart


The writer here repeats his warning to be careful not to allow our hearts to become hardened. Believers are to warn each other of this regularly. He refers here to an “evil disbelieving” heart. This is the worst kind of evil that is here mentioned. It is not a casual unbelief. It is allowing our heart to be so intentionally contrary to God that we lead others also into disbelief.

This is what Israel did (3:16-19) and a whole generation of people died in the wilderness never having set foot in God’s land of promise for them. This is an evil hardening of the heart of the first order. Lord there was a time in my life when this oft wayward sentry stood on the brink of an “evil disbelieving heart.” I was in danger of losing my very life. But you rescued me at just the right time. I am eternally grateful.

“All Ears God!”


Be open and eager to listen to and follow after God. (Heb 3:7,8). #BeOpenToGod #ListenToGod #AllEars


God is always speaking. There is never a time when we tune in to God‘s word that he is not speaking. His word is “living and active“ (Heb 4:12). Every time I refuse to listen to God, my heart grows colder and harder towards him.

To be in the best position to hear God and respond in faith, do this: 1) read-meditate on his word regularly, 2) share your faith regularly, 3) be in vital relationships with God’s people, 4) be alert to the deceitfulness of sin and 5) pray – talk often with God. Lord, I am listening to you with all my heart; I’m all ears, ready to do what you direct me to do.

How Big Is God?


May we revere and exalt God as the only source and mover of the known universe (Heb 1:10–12). #GodIsBiggerThanWeThought


Just in case you missed or misunderstood the message of Christ’s unique place outside the universe, God reiterates it here. Jesus, the “Son“ of God, set the foundation of the earth and, with his own hands, made the universe in which earth is suspended. He is like a man who exists outside the orb of a “sno-globe.” Wrap your head around that. How big is god? Indescribably big.

Then consider this: one day the entire known (and unknown) universe will perish. This universe will wear out like an old coat. According to Hebrews Ch1, Jesus will fold it up like old clothes and discard it.* There will be a new heaven and a new earth. Jesus, the “Son,“ shall reign there forevermore. For me to worship and depend upon anything in this world is laughable, foolhardy. Lord, you are the only lasting and dependable thing in the universe.


* Dare I make this anthropomorphistic comparison? Our universe is like the alternate universe (a giant movie set) created in the 1998 film classic, The Truman Show. When the show abruptly ended the “set” would presumably have been taken down and discarded, it’s purpose completed.

How big is God? He will one day fold up our old deteriorating universe (heaven & earth as we know it) and discard it in favor of a new heaven and a new earth (Isa 65:17; 66:22; Heb 12:26-28; Rev 21:1).

How arrogant am I, or any man or woman, be they leader or follower; sinner or saint. How feeble and weak are our prayers, plans and grand designs.

How small is our thinking that we believe that, “WE can save the planet.” OMG! All the Madero’s, Trump’s, Biden’s, Netanyahu’s, Chi’s, Macron’s, Putin‘s, Zelinsky‘s, Trudeau‘s of this world well one day bow their knee to the Lord of Glory.

How big is God? Words cannot describe the vast, enormous, immense and expansive knowledge, ability and power of God.

This simple prayer sentry stands speechless that the Lord of Glory would stoop down in Christ Jesus to communicate his love towards us; to listen to the praying saints of all time. Then answer.


A Country at its Worst

HEADLINE (1/3/2023):

House Democrats Cheer as McCarthy Fails to Clinch Speakership Multiple Times

That headline broke my heart over the state of rancor and disunity in our Republic. it’s ugly tentacles have our citizenry in a stranglehold.

Satan rejoices in our division.

Scripture reminds me, “Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall; don’t be happy when they stumble. For the Lord will be displeased with you and will turn his anger away from them.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭24‬:‭17‬-‭18‬ ‭

Lord, may we be principled yet respectful of one another. ‬‬

Godly Exceptionalism


Live a godly life made exceptional by the grace of God (Jer 16:10). #GodlyExceptionalism #NoExceptionToTheRule

Exceptionalism Depends On God’s Grace


Jeremiah was to exhibit extraordinary behavior to act out and explain God’s displeasure with Judah, his people (vv1-9). The people denied God. Yet, in verse 10, they ask indignantly, “Why is God unhappy with us? What have we done – how have we sinned against him?“ They were religious in their outward actions but far from God in their hearts.

Far from being the exceptional people God intended them to be, they thought they were the exception to the rule. They believed God was obligated to protect and provide for them. Exceptionalism does not make one an exception to the rule – in this case devotion to God. Lord may I live my life as a child of God, made exceptional in repentance by the grace of God.

I believe in “American Exceptionalism.” But America is not an exception to the rule, free to live in defiance of God and his Word. Her “Exceptionalism” is a God-given attribute. She needs to turn from her sin and act like it. May repentance be the rule of the day.

Snub God, Pay The Price


Take seriously sin and drifting from God (Jer 16:1–9). #PainfulSnub #Repent #TurnNowToGod

Really God? Join The Party!


There are times when God will ask hard things of his messengers, sometimes extreme things. His purpose is to wake people up, to jolt them into reality. Therefore, Jeremiah was told he could not marry and have children in a culture where this was obligatory. He was not to mourn the dead – unthinkable among the Jews at that time. Nor was he allowed to participate in festivals, joyful events.

All of these things were to show the drastic nature of God‘s intentions to judge a wayward and sinful people. The destruction would be thorough and complete. It would (and did) happen in Jeremiah‘s lifetime (v9). Woe to those who think they can snub their nose at God. Lord, keep old sentry alert to the seriousness of sin and drifting from God.

A Broken Bleeding Heart*


May the persecuted messengers of God know his comfort (Jer 15:15–18). #TheBleedingHeart #SufferingPersecution #BrokenHeartedWatchman


The messengers of God, the bold intercessors for righteousness (those watchmen on the wall) may be seen as cold hearted harbingers of judgment. Not so.

Jeremiah, having understood that his intercessions would not change God‘s plan of judgment (vv10-11), he begins to lament. He sees his life as having been fully consecrated to God. But, he has been suffering insult and persecution as God’s messenger of judgment.

Jeremey’s delight had been to consume and be consumed by God‘s word. He reminds God how he has separated himself from the sins of the people, even railed against those sins. Yet, no one listened and still judgment was inevitable. Jeremiah laments, “How can I go on? When will my suffering end?”

Lord, it is clear, you hear the cries of the watchmen on the wall. Comfort our bleeding hearts* for our own beloved country and countrymen.


* “The phrase bleeding heart is used to describe one who shows excessive sympathy for another’s misfortune. [Before it was used as a political barb], the term appears in literature describing sincere emotional outpouring, even taking on a literal association with the heart of Jesus Christ.” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Hardened Hearts


Do not put off repentance before God (Jer 13:24-27). #TutnNowToGod #Repent #DoNotHardenYourHeart


God now makes clear his intentions. If there was any doubt before, it is clear now. God will scatter the people of Judah. They will no longer have a homeland. Just as they have done detestable acts of idolatry, shamelessly done acts of prostitution (pagan orgies) in the open for all to see, so God will expose their naked lust for all to see.

It is decreed by God what is to be their lot…their end. Judgment will fall on them. Lord, my beloved nation is guilty of all of this and more. She flaunts her sin in your face. May she turn back to you before it is too late.

Defaulted Shepherd/Leaders


Give us righteous leaders who seek God‘s leadership & govern wisely (Jer 13:20,21a) #NeededRighteousLeaders #ShepherdLeaders


Jeremiah addresses the leaders of Judah as shepherds. He asks rhetorically – “Where are your beautiful flocks that God gave you?“ That is, where are your people who once loved and followed God? The implication is that these shepherds have ignored their flocks. Leaders, CIVIC and religious, are called into account. They ought to be embarrassed at the question. But they are not.

Judah’s leaders have ignored the people. They have spent more time pandering to allies, padding their own pockets and following other gods (who are no gods) than listening to Jehovah God and leading righteously. The Prophet says these godless allies will become their rulers. They will be the instruments God’s judgment.

There is blatant rejection of God in American politics and in certain segments of religious influence. They have led the people astray. These shepherd/leaders in America should be embarrassed. But they are not. America won’t like the alternative that will surely come. Lord, may my beloved nation have leaders who seek God‘s counsel & govern righteously.

Do Not Delay to Repent


Repent of a self-centered, self-righteous, know-it-all, attitude (Jer 13:15–17). #DoNotDelayRepentance #TurnNowToGod #Repent

Weep for the rejecting souls in darkness


Following two parables of sin and judgment (vv 1-14), Jeremiah warned the people of Judah once again. (Oh, how the Lord is long-suffering)

“Listen to the warnings of God. Give him honor before it is too late. The day is coming when you will find yourself groping in the darkness of your own soul. You will look for light, but there will be no light.”

Then, Jeremiah says, “I will weep great tears for you because your pride feeds your refusal to listen to God. Your exile (judgment) is on the way.” Lord, I humbly bow before you in repentance for my own self-centered, self-righteous and frequently know-it-all attitude.

Would that our beloved nation, America, turn now from her pride and rejection of God to the light, while there is still time.

Don’t Get “Smashed”


Humble yourself, seek God‘s counsel, listen to him and follow (Jer 13:12–14) #Don’tGetSmashed #Revival #SpiritualAwakening


Following Jeremiah’s living parable of the loincloth, illustrating how Judah had become so disgusting to God (v10), God explains the purpose of his choosing Israel. God chose Israel to be a people of praise, renown and glory unto him.

But the nation became proud, arrogant and stubbornly unwilling to follow after God. Therefore, God would fill their wine jugs with wine (signifying “drunkenness;“ that is judgment). Then God says he will “smash“ the jugs to smithereens. Every person from least to great will be mercilessly destroyed for their sin of rebellion.

May this Old Testament lesson be an example to me (1Co 10:6-12), that my arrogance and foolish pride doesn’t prevent me from listening to God and becoming all that God wants me to be. Oh Lord, may I humbly seek your counsel. May I listen and follow, that your purposes might be fulfilled in my life (that is, the glory of the Lord Jesus and the spread of the Gospel).

Lord, may my beloved nation humble herself, seek God’s counsel and become once again a beacon of light for the Gospel.

Message To God’s People


Pursue a pure heart for God (Jer 13:1–11). #MessageToGod’sPeople #PursueAPureHeartForGod


The Lord directed Jeremiah to act out a parable to the stubborn people of Israel/Judah. God said, “Buy a linen cloth and wear it. Don’t wash it.“ A linen cloth was worn next to the body like underwear. It was a sign of Israel’s once intimate closeness to God.

Then God told Jeremiah to go bury the cloth in a hole near the Euphrates. Sometime later he was told to retrieve it. Exposure to the elements had rotted the cloth. it was now good for nothing. This signified how thoroughly useless and disgusting God’s people had become to him.

Lord, how often this old sentry’s wandering heart is stained by worldly pursuits. May my greatest desire be to pursue a pure heart for you.

Lord Revive Our Nation


May there be a Psm 68:9-11 revival in our nation, communities and families: #Revival #Awakening


Lord, send an abundance of heavenly showers to refresh the souls of men;

May the people of our nation know God’s peace in their midst;

May there be a bountiful harvest of souls awakened to God’s saving power;

May the needs of your holy ones be met in every possible way;

Lord, raise up a mighty army to spread the Good News of the Gospel.

An Emerging Wasteland


May America have shepherd leaders who honor God (Jer 2:10–13). #TurnBackToGod #GodOurOnlyHope


Leaders in Judah had been as heedless in guiding the people of God as careless indifferent shepherds who send their sheep to graze on the young vines of a vineyard. The consequence is that the sheep unwittingly make the beautiful vines a wasteland.

So God’s people had laid waste to all of the blessings of God on them. They did not see the signs of the gathering armies on the hilltops, ready to wield God’s sword of judgment upon them. They have done “religious” works, done the work of planting, but they will harvest a crop of shame and devastation. Lord, give us shepherd leaders today who will honor God and pay heed to his word.


America today is squandering her blessings from God. We are becoming a vast wasteland. Illegal immigrants are overrunning us and depleting our resources. Inflation is devouring financial resources. Immorality and homosexuality is laying waste to our moral resources. Our children are being sacrificed on altars of humanistic/socialistic ideologies and compromising this, our most precious resource. Lord, may our leaders show signs of humble repentance and point America back towards you.

Dead Bird


May spiritual and national leaders in America lead a hasty return back to God (Jer 12:7-13). #ReturnToGod #Repent


Having been instructed by God regarding the purpose of adversity (vv5,6), Jeremiah moves on with his final comments to Israel (Judah) regarding her violation of her Covenant with God. God is reluctantly abandoning his “dearest people” to her enemies. Why? Because she has “roared“ against him, treated him with contempt. She shakes her fist in God’s face and ignores every commitment made to him.

Judah, metaphorically, struts around like a strange colored bird of prey. She foolishly claims her dominion over her prey, while powerful other birds of prey and wild animals swoop in and violently thrash her. Then they consume Judah’s corpse. Oh Lord, how far Judah (and America today) has fallen from her love for you. Judah did not turn to God and she suffered. Pray America makes a hasty return to God.


America is not a people of Covenant with God, like Israel. But she is a people with deep roots in God’s Covenant people. She is a nation upon whom God‘s blessing has rested from her inception.

Will America be like a prideful “different colored bird” who struts over her dominion over her prey; who is completely unaware of the great and powerful other beasts and birds of prey who will pick her apart and consume her carcass?

Lord, open the eyes of America today. May she humble herself in repentance toward God. Forgive us Lord, for our self indulgence, our complacency and selfishness disdain for the things that honor God.

Reckless Conspiracy


Humbly surrender your heart to God’s lordship (Jer 11:9–17). #GodlySorrow #Repentance #TurnToGod


The reforms of king Josiah (2Ch 34) were short-lived. The people secretly conspired to rid themselves of God’s oversight. They soon returned to their idolatries and immoral lives. Now the pagan idols and altars thought to save them would become their very downfall (v12).

Do not pray for them Jeremiah” (also 7:16; 11:14). Judgment is on the way. The beautiful olive tree of God’s planting (Israel) will suddenly be destroyed for its rejection of God’s leadership. The nation that rejects God will suffer the consequences. Lord, may we in America, as a people, have humble hearts willing to repent and return to you.

Consider: America is not Judah. She is not a theocracy. Judah’s judgment is not America’s judgment. But America was founded upon Judeo Christian principles (biblical principles) of freedom and liberty. America has been blessed by God because of this. For her to conspire against and turn her back on God will bear no less consequences in judgment. Of this she may be certain. I pray God send revival in the church and awakening in the land.

I do not pray for nor wish for any ill will toward any one person or group of people invested in the political system of America. In fact I pray for their redemption who do not know nor honor God. But I do pray for the absolute destruction of any ideology that conspires against God. I pray that lies and deceit would be exposed and that truth, honor, and respect for God be elevated.

Reversing Failure & Privation


May our eyes be opened to sin’s devastation; reverse direction (Jer 10:19–22). #Repentance #GodlySorrow #Awakening


The judgment that is about to fall on Judah is inevitable. It will be severe, the grief will be great. The security of one’s home will be destroyed beyond repair. Children will be lost – a generation will be left adrift and unredeemed.

Shepherds (leaders) had lost all sense of direction and no longer sought after God‘s wisdom. Their failures were devastating and all influence with the people was lost. The people will be divided, scattered, left to wander defenseless. The enemy from without will roll down and destroy the nation.

This is what happens to a nation who no longer seeks after God. The privations of my beloved country paint a bleak picture for her future. Lord, may the people of America be awakened to her demise and return to the God of her heritage. May the church be renewed, filled with the Spirit and pointing the way to a loving God.



May we heed every call to repentance; live faithfully for God (Jer 9:10–16). #TheHighCostOfAbandoningGod #Ghosted #TurnNowToGod #Repentance


God set in motion a plan for his people (using the pagan nation, Babylon) to bring severe judgment and discipline upon them (Jeremiah weeps bitterly). The land of Judah will be made a desolate wilderness and Jerusalem a heap of ruins. No one will go there or travel there. It will be a ghost town.

“Why?“ God asks. He answers – because his people had abandoned him, broke their promises to him. They went their own stubborn way and worshiped Baal gods (who are no gods). God would scatter them to places they never heard of. It is a tragic and frightening thing for any people (nation) to turn their backs on God.

Lord, may every prayer sentry (their beloved nation) take seriously any daily call to repentance and live faithfully for you.

* Ghosted (an Urban definition): – a term used to describe when a person closely known to another, stops taking their calls and answering their texts. These actions are usually preceded by many a broken promise to “hang out,” be friendly or romantically attached or “catch up” on the part of the “Ghoster.” Such was God to Judah after their many broken promises to follow him.

When Time Runs Out


Humbly repent of sin before it’s too late (Jer 8:14–17). #TurnNowToGod #Repent #whenTimeRunsOut

Time’s Up


When the people of Judah realize that their security as a nation has been breached, panic will ensue. This is the moment when reality sets in – the cavalry is not coming. We are all going to die here. God really is not going to rescue us.

But at that point it will be too late. Time will have run out. The Babylonians will strike with the swiftness and fatality of a deadly poisonous snake. The thundering hooves of enemy troops on horseback will strike so fast there will be no time for repentance. The dam of sin’s consequences will have burst.

The same may be said for of all who reject God’s warnings today; his call to salvation. Lord, I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than the consequences of blatant sin bearing down on my beloved nation. May she humbly repent now, before it’s too late.