Abundant Gratitude

Live your life revealing your gratitude to the Father for his redemption and forgiveness (Col 1:12-14). #AttutudeOfGratitude https://www.bible.com/1588/col.1.12-14.amp


The last part of Paul’s prayer for the Colossian church is that they might have an attitude of gratitude to the Father for his mercy. The Father authored the great plan of redemption. The Father sent his Son to redeem men from sin. He paid the death penalty for our sin (“The wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” – Rom 6:23). Christ’s death on the cross redeemed man out of sin, set us free, pardoned, forgave and made us fit for God’s kingdom.

In regeneration (salvation) the Father made possible the great transfer of those in the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light; “from the empire of sin, ignorance, and misery, to one of holiness, knowledge, and [joy]. No change, therefore, in a person’s life is so important as this; and no words can suitably express the gratitude which they should feel who are thus transferred from the empire of darkness to that of the light“ *

Lord, may this old sentry’s life always reveal abundant gratitude to the Father for his redemption and forgiveness.

* Barnes, Albert; Barnes’ Notes, Colossians 1:13 (pg 246)

3 thoughts on “Abundant Gratitude

  1. ***************Deanne’s Eternal Thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father

    Heavenly Father’s love was the key that won my heart, I was a young girl when I first received His love. Once I was blind and then I could see I was washed in the blood of Christ Jesus, cleansed and made whole, and He saved me and set me free. There on the cross Precious Jesus purchased me. I once was lost but now I am found, the Father loved me and forgave me and now I’m free.

    His love captured my heart, such a great love sending His one and only Son, Jesus came for me and He came for you. Redeeming grace He did impart and now I’ve been raised to live eternally, forever with Him, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to Him for Calvary. It was His love that captured my heart. Thank You, Heavenly Father and thank You, Precious Jesus.



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