Preserved For Purpose

Certainly God will preserve you until your purpose in life has been fulfilled (Acts 28:3-6). #PreservedForPurpose #GodHasAPlan


The island in the Mediterranean Sea upon which Paul’s ship was wrecked was Malta. It was a populated island and Luke reports that the people (Phoenicians) were kind and hospitable towards the ship wrecked visitors (vv1,2). They assisted the survivors (in the rain), building a fire.

When Paul had laid wood on the fire a poisonous snake bit him on the hand. When Paul shook it off and did not die, the people thought he was a god. But no, he was just a man…a man on a mission for God. God once again delivered Paul, his man, carrying his message. God preserves safe those who love him and are called according to his purposes. Lord, you have preserved this old sentry for a purpose. You shall preserve me to the end.

From my watchtower you can hear singing in the Morning Watch, those aged words…

“Through many dangers, toils, and snares, I have already come; [His] grace hath brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home.”

One thought on “Preserved For Purpose

  1. ******************************Preserved For Purpose by Deanne

    So many hopes and dreams flooded my mind as a young teenage girl living in Charleston, SC. What plans did Jesus have for me? What did my future hold? My mind was so filled with hopes and dreams for the future.

    When I was 14 my brother Jonathan David was born on Easter Sunday. One Sunday morning at church while Momma was pregnant she had received a prophesy that she was having a baby boy and that he would be born on a Holy Day and that his Dad would stay on his knees praying for him.

    I loved my brother Jonathan and I helped Momma take care of him. He was always a handful; he loved to slip out of the house when your back was turned. Jonathan would raise his hands in the air and say “Thank You Jesus.” He enjoyed hearing all the Bible stories. I would take him out to the park to swing and watch him play with other children. He loved when we went for ice-cream cones. His eyes were so big when I took him to the circus and he saw all the circus performers and clowns. I remember Jonathan and Lonny falling asleep in the back seat after riding the rides all day at the fair. So many memories I carry from their childhood.

    Life moves on:

    Living in Fort Worth, I was going through my daily life when the phone started ringing and when I answered I heard the recorded message letting me know that it was a call from prison. My brother Jonathan was calling me from a prison phone, from spending days locked up in a lonely cold cell. 10 minutes that’s all – just to hear my voice once again say, “Jesus loves you and I love you!” And Jonathan was happy when he heard the sound of my voice. I still see the little boy climbing on my lap whispering secrets in my ear.

    And then I heard Jonathan’s words say “Sister, I want to go home. I just want to go home.” Then I heard the recording – 1 minute left, and then it drops the call and my brother is gone. He called me from a prison phone – 10 minutes that’s all and then he’s gone. The call was hung up before I was ready and I was left alone in the silence.

    In tears, I ran to Precious Jesus:

    “I’m already there, don’t make a sound I’m the beat in your heart. I’m the sunshine in your hair; I’m the whisper in the wind. I’m your dearest Friend. Don’t worry about the kids, they’ll be alright and I’ll be there till the end.” “Oh, I’m already there. Can you feel the love we share? I’ll be with you wherever you are. Take a look around. I’m the sunshine in your hair, I’m the shadow on the ground, I’m the whisper in the wind. And I’ll be there until the end, oh, I’m already there. I’m already there.”

    Thank You Precious Jesus for always, always being there. Thank You for Your precious love! You have carried me through storms of *love ones* in prison and You have called me away from all the grief and sorrow of prison to come away with You in worship. Thank You for calling me away with You. Even in my safe harbor, I follow and come away with You.



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