Psychology Of The Christian Witness

Be sincere and compassionate in your witness for Christ (Acts 26:24,25,27-29). #SincerelyBold #DontBruseTheFruit,27-29.nlt


At the conclusion of Paul’s defense, Governor Festus blurts out, “Too much study has made you crazy [Paul].” Paul says, “Not really. It’s just the truth.” Paul then turns to King Agrippa and presses him for a decision, “Do you believe the prophets? I know you do.” Agrippa says, “Do you think you can persuade me to become a Christian so quickly?” Paul says, “Yes, I really wish I could.” The two sarcastic remarks (Festus, v24 and Agrippa, v28) are designed to cover how they really felt. Paul was getting through.

Sarcasm can reveal a whole range of emotions (interesting field of study*). Sarcasm is usually a cover for how someone really feels. The best response to sarcasm however, is to focus on the content of a sarcastic statement and not on the tone. Paul’s response to their sarcasm is neither mean-spirited nor defensive. Paul is genuine, self-confident and understanding (vv25,29). Lord, may I possess such sincerity and compassion in my witness for Christ.


2 thoughts on “Psychology Of The Christian Witness

  1. ************************************************************************************************ Thank you Bro Roger for sharing the Psychology Of The Christian Witness

    This is the first lesson I have seen on how to deal with sarcastic people when sharing Jesus.

    I remember my Grandpa Olson, he would use sarcastic remarks when we were sharing Jesus with him. His words were “We are born and when we die, we are buried and that’s the end!” I was a young girl and I wanted my Grandpa Olson to love Jesus and to go to heaven with us. I was kind of afraid of him when he would get so loud and sarcastic. And it hurt my heart that he wouldn’t believe in Jesus. I kept trying to reach him with my love.

    I know Jesus heard my prayers and my families prayers for Grandpa and I believe that Jesus reached Grandpa Olson on his death bed in Grand Forks, ND hospital before he passed away. We all know someone that needs Jesus, someone who uses a loud and sarcastic voice. I encourage you, our prayers, our witness and the love of Jesus can reach them.

    My Christian witness to Grandpa, Deanne

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