Know The Truth

You may trust always in the truth of God (Jhn 8:31,32). #TheTruthWillSetYouFree


Day 11 of 40 Days of Prayer For Family & Friends – Lord, may my family and friends trust always the truthfulness of God’s Word.

The one place I can turn to every day for truth is God‘s word. I never have to question if what I am reading is truth or error (2Ti 3:16). As a follower of Jesus I may turn to this book, God‘s word, on any given day, at any time and find truth. [The truth about me; the truth about the world; the truth about men; the truth about God]

Why is this book so trusted? Because it reveals the Word of God, Jesus, the son of God. He himself is the truth sent from God (Jhn 14:6). When the times and epochs are uncertain, when men distort the truth, God’s word, in Jesus, will always point me to the way in which I should go. Lord, for me to abide in Christ is to abide in truth.

We need a revival of truth in America today. We need a revival of men who abide in the truth, believe in the truth and live by the truth of God.

2 thoughts on “Know The Truth

  1. Know The Truth #The Truth Will Set You Free

    Thank you for sending The Prayer Sentry (New posts) to us. It has been such much a blessing to me.

    Brother Roger, you and Dianne are truly ministers that live a life of truth, compassion and love for the unwanted in America. I hope that you receive my message. Please let me know if you receive this.

    My brother Jonathan was incarcerated in Oklahoma for almost two years of a 10 year sentence (DUI) and got out in October 2020. He was in a halfway house in Oklahoma City during covid and he and the other men were locked down because of covid. He was in a small cell and they brought food to his cell. It has really hurt him emotionally. They closed down the halfway house and sent him to Enid, Oklahoma to another prison and he got sick with covid after he was placed in a cell with someone that had covid. (I’m not sure how that happened). Jonathan has completed his sentence and now he is calling me a lot for fellowship and emotional support and prayer.

    Knowing how rough it has been for Jonathan, I am reminded about all the people incarcerated that we wrote to through Mercy Heart and Glenview Church. We are concerned for them and their families, so we keep sending cards from churches that have ministries for them and their families. If they are having to be in lock down they need to be able to reach out to different churches and have addresses.

    We sent Christmas cards out from Mercy Heart of Denton and Clay and I mailed them from Denton post office. We went to the Church and drove around and I walked up to one of the doors and I prayed and thanked Jesus for caring for us and loving us. The only sign on that door was a sign about wearing masks while interring church. And somewhere else we saw a sign about no open carry.

    I love the picture of the truth banner! Please let me know about other locations for future mail outs.

    Thank you so much, Deanne

    For God so loved the world that He give His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

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