God’s Study Hall: Open


Seek to learn and grow in spiritual maturity (Heb 6:1-3). #GodsStudyHall #StudyToShowYourselfApproved #GrowInChrist


This passage is clear. It is imperative that followers of Christ continue to build on first principles. Maturity as a follower depends upon it. Maturity here has to do with the fulfillment of purpose, to complete the assignment with competence and confidence; to bring glory to God.

“God willing,“ reveals a yielded heart that is ready to move forward in faith. It’s time to check in to God‘s Study Hall. Seek understanding from Scripture, obey and go on to fulfill God‘s purpose for your life. Father, this aging sentry desires to continue on and pursue your purpose in my life.

God’s Word, Applied To Me


Take time to read and meditate on God’s Word (Heb 4:12). #GodsWordSpeaksToAll #GodsVoiceIsClearToAll

God’s Word Speaks With Pinpoint Accuracy


God‘s word is sharper than a double edged sword. This may also be translated as “scalpel,” as used by a surgeon. The word “incisive“ comes to mind.

God‘s Word does not work like a hatchet in the hands of a woodsman, hacking indiscriminately at a person’s inner life – condemning and deprecating. NO! God‘s word is precise and specific. It speaks with skill and pinpoint accuracy to each person’s need. Two people can read the same verse and hear something different from God (Note 2Tim 3:16).

Lord, your word speaks to my heart EVERY TIME I open it to read, study or meditate.

One Immutable Truth


Hold fast to the truth, that one “faith” entrusted to you (Jude 1:3). #OneFaith #DefendTheFaith

Truth; Chiseled In Stone


Jude further explains “the faith“ I am to defend. It is that faith “entrusted once for all time to God’s people.“ This “faith“ is the one eternal truth given in the gospel – that Christ lived a sinless life and became the sinless sacrifice for all men. In his death he satisfied God’s righteous anger against sin. Christ died that our sin be forgiven. He was buried and raised from the dead to secure men’s eternal life (1Co 15:1-4).

There may be different denominations, but there is only one “faith.” That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, given “once for all time“ [its chiseled in stone]. Those who claim some “new truth” are false teachers (liars) and lead men away from the truth. Lord, my confidence rests in the sole immutable truth of the Gospel.

Those Lyin’ Eyes


Realize the real lies; discern the truth (Jer 8:8–13). #RealEyesRealizeRealLies #DiscernTheTruth #DontBeFooled

Think About It…


The people of Judah put their swagger on. “We have the Word of the Lord on our side.” But that Word was twisted and misused by lying priest, false prophets and tricky officials. They used God’s Word to suit their own greedy ends. They did this unashamedly.

The leaders were treating the mortal, terminal wounds of sin superficially. They assured the people that, “Ev’thing would be alright.” But it would not be alright. The nation would lose everything. These lying leaders would be cut down and whatever they did have, would be lost. Oh my Lord, what a duty the watchman or woman has to speak the truth and discern truth. Give us leaders who speak the truth.

Scripture Points To God’s Glory


Savor the value and sweetness of Scripture as witness to God’s glory (Psm 19:7–11). #SweeterThanHoney #LifeGivingInstruction #GodsWord #MoreValuableThanGold


A psalm of David – he gives thoughtful consideration to God‘s revelation of himself through Scripture. God‘s word is perfect, trustworthy, accurate, clear and true. God‘s word revives the soul, makes one wise and brings joy. It gives insight for living, is fair, gives warning and reward for obedience.

God‘s word is highly desirable, more valuable than gold. It is sweeter than pure honey to the soul. God‘s word points me to his glory and leads me to eternal admiration for him. Lord, I look to your word for life-giving instruction and knowledge of you.

Clear-eyed Intentions


Remain clear-eyed in your intentions for speaking truth and doing ministry (2Ti 4:3-5) #CleareyedIntentions #SpeakTruth #DoWhatGodCalledYouToDo

What Do You See?


The Apostle Paul continues with the idea of standing “ready“ with good teaching from God’s Word and telling others the “Good News“ of the Gospel. Times will deteriorate and people will no longer want to listen to good teaching. They will simply want to satisfy their own pleasures and seek out teachers who will tell them what they want to hear.

Further, people will reject the truth in favor of myths (fables and superstitions) that excite them. So Paul says to the Christian, stay clear-eyed about the Gospel of Jesus and do not fear even suffering for the cause of the Gospel. Just keep doing the ministry to which God called you.

Lord, the eyes of this aging sentry grow dimmer with every passing year. But my focus on what you have called me to do has never been more clear.

Not Just Any Word


Be ready and faithful to share God’s word (2Ti 4: 1,2). #NotJustAnyWord #AnyTimeAGoodTimeForGodsWord #InSeasonAndOutOfSeason


Faithfulness to the holy Scriptures is a recurring theme in Paul’s letters to Timothy. God‘s Word is to be preached in any and all situations and ages. It is useful to correct what is wrong, drive back with his dissident and encourage the people of God. I must use every opportunity to share God’s Word.

Jesus will one day return and set up his eternal kingdom and judge the world. Preaching God‘s word faithfully will help to prepare people for this event on the world stage. Lord, give me the love, the boldness and the holy want to, to share God’s word.



Put your full trust in the reliability of God’s Word (2Ti 3:15-17). #WORD #TrustGodsWord #GodsWordEqualsGodsVoice


The Bible is an amazing book. It was written by 66 authors over hundreds of years. It’s reliability has been proven over and over again. It is the written record of God’s whole plan of redemption.

God speaks to us through his word. It is good for teaching and understanding truth. It shows us how to live right and do right. It shows us where we are wrong, corrects us. If you want to hear God speak audibly, read God’s word out loud. Reading God‘s word is an encounter with the living God. Lord, thank you for the reliability of your to man.

Vigilant For Truth


Be on the alert for those who misrepresent God’s truth (2Ti 3:6–9). #BeVigilantForTruth #FaithWatch


“In the last days.” Men will deceitfully contrive and deliberately attempt to mislead vulnerable people into all manner of sin and dispute the truth of God’s word. But such men of depraved minds and counterfeit faith will ultimately be exposed for the imposters that they are.

Just as Moses defeated the magicians in the court of pharaoh (Exo 7:11,12; 8:18,19), so shall deceitful men and imposters of the faith be undone, vanquished. Will I be undiscerning and gullible? Will I be alert and vigilant regarding the truth of God’s word? Lord, may your duty sentry always be alert and on guard for imposters.

Plumb & Square


Look to the Word of God as the measure of all truth (2Ti 2:19). #Truth #PlumbAndSquare


In 1&2 Timothy Paul repeatedly returns to the theme of being faithful to the true teachings of Scripture (eg: 1 Tim 1:3; 2:7; 4:1,6,7,11,16; 6:2–4,20; 2 Tim 1:13; 2:2,15,19,25; 3:10,14–17; 4:2). It cannot be said enough, how important it is that ministers and God’s people stay faithful to the truth of God‘s word.

We may not know every argument against God‘s Word, but we may know what God’s Word teaches. Then we can be found faithful and not sidetracked by foolish arguments. God‘s Word is set like the cornerstone of a building. It keeps the whole building plum and square. Lord, may I always be found faithful to the truth of your Word.

Truth Speak


Interpret and apply God‘s Word by prayer & careful study (2Ti 2:14–18). #RightlyDivideTheWordOfTruth #SeekTheTruthOfScripture


Pay attention to the truth of Scripture. Interpret and apply it carefully to your own life and the lives of others. Second Peter 1:20 explains, “No teaching from Scripture comes from someone’s own private interpretation or opinion.“ Whatever one gleans from God‘s Word must be square with the whole counsel of Scripture.

So, Paul says, “Study to show yourself approved by God“ (NKJV). Anything less than that will result in foolish talk that leads men into arguments, worthless debates, godless behavior and ultimately off the path of truth. He provides an example of this as well. Lord, enable me to always carefully interpret and apply your Word in my life.

Famous Last Words


May you be arrested and inspired by God‘s word (2Ti 1:1,2). #FamousLastWords #WordsToLiveBy


“I (state your name), being of a sound mind, do hereby publish as my last will and testament…“ What follows next is crucial information to the heirs of said testator. Paul’s opening words in 2 Timothy begin his last testament letter to Timothy and to the Church. “I Paul, chosen by God, an apostle of Jesus Christ…am writing to my dear son, Timothy.“

Are you listening? Are you paying attention? Is your conscious mind piqued to hear? One of the most influential men in all of Christendom is about to reveal his final thoughts to his most beloved son in the faith, Timothy; consequently to the Church at large. Lord, I want to hear from your word the profound truth and inspiration for life.

True Contentment


Find true contentment in honoring and pleasing God (1Ti 6:6–10). #TrueContentment #Godliness


Some people see godliness as a means to an end, doing things a certain way. Things like following the rules, making a public display of wealth and achievement, will result in the good life. But true godliness with contentment is not a means to an end.

Godliness is not doing things a certain way (to find success). It is a certain way of doing everything. The focus is on God not man, on devotion to God not devotion to money and on faith not foolish desires. The key to spiritual growth and personal fulfillment is contentment with God‘s plan for our lives. What I strive for Lord, is to just be pleasing to you. No more; no less.

Truth, Front & Center


Remain vigilant for the truths and doctrines of Christ (1Ti 6:4,5). #StayThe Course #TruthWillPrevail #NavigateTruthVsOpinion

Any person who stands for the truth, for what is right, good and decent will eventually suffer criticism. This, though they may be teaching and living out the very words of Christ.

The critic’s self righteous attitude will seek only to elevate or benefit themselves. They will argue any small point to gather influence to themselves. They reveal their own pride and arrogance. They corrupt the truth, cause division and cast disparaging thoughts among the people.

Lord, may I be discerning of such people, remain faithful to the truths of Christ and know the difference between truth and opinion.

Living Hygienically


Live your life by the healthy teachings of Scriptures (1Ti 6:2b,3). #CleansedByGodsWord https://bible.com/bible/116/1ti.6.3.NLT


Paul begins closing his letter to Timothy, “Teach these things…encourage all to obey them.“ “These things” are found in Chapters 1:1–6:2: Understanding sound doctrine and modeling the Christian life, qualifications of church leaders and their responsibilities to lead and faithful ministry to and caring for the church family.

These are the wholesome/healthy (Gk word for hygiene), teachings of Christ. They are the pathway to godly living. I (and all men) am encouraged to obey and live by these words. Lord, your word gives me refreshing and cleansing words to live by each day.

How Faith Impacts People


Be a living example of faith in Christ (1Ti 4:12,13). #ParadigmForLife #ALifeWorthImitating


How does one prove his/her maturity? How does one get the respect of others…including those older than yourself? Answer: be an example of godliness. How does one do that? Answer:

• Be careful what you say. Consider carefully what comes out of your mouth.

• Be careful how you live. What you do and how you do it matters.

• Be careful how you love. Be unconditional, be willing to sacrifice for others.

• Be full of faith, expressing it at every opportunity (Faith is trusting the truthfulness of God).

• Pay attention to your purity. Confess sin quickly. Don’t allow sin to gain an upper hand in your life. Finally,

• Stay focused on reading God‘s word and sharing it with others.

Lord, fill me with your Spirit and make me an example of godly living.

Last Words


May you clearly understand the warnings of God’s Word (Isa 66:22-24). #LastWords

Time Keeps On Slippin’…Into The Future


I am closing out my Morning Watch in the book of Isaiah. I am certain that I have not understood every nuance of the prophet’s utterances. I pray that by the Spirit, I have caught the essence and urgency of the message. I’m indebted to Barnes’ Notes on Isaiah for help along the way.

The last verses in this book complete and describe, in dramatic fashion, the great divide between all of humanity (the faithful and the rebellious). Isaiah foresees a future when all the world, the faithful of every nation, will regularly observe a Sabbath (4th Commandment – Exo 20:8) genuinely worshiping the redeemer God.

As the faithful are departing worship they shall see the dead bodies and smell the putrid rotting flesh of every foe that has stood against God and his people. An abhorrent vision, abhorrent close, to this book in the Bible. It should cause every soul to consider the warnings of a holy, but loving, God and turn towards him in repentance, surrender and obedience.

Lord, the details of this prophetic book have caused even this aged sentry to think far more deeply on the things God has to say to me; yea, even to the world.

Trust The Truth


Have an unassailable trust in the veracity of God’s Word (Isa 53:1-12; 2Ti 3:16). #TrustGodsWord https://bible.com/bible/116/isa.53.5-10.NLT https://bible.com/bible/116/2ti.3.16.NLT


Reading Isaiah 53 reminds me of one of the great irrefutable evidences of the veracity of God’s word: the fulfillment of prophecy. We see in the life of Christ and his suffering on the cross for the sins of mankind the fulfillment of Isaiah 53.

Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies. There are still some yet to be fulfilled… That is, those related to Christ’s return. Fulfilled prophecy is just one evidence of the inspiration and trustworthiness of Scripture. Lord, This aged sentry has fully trusted in your word for many years. Your Word has never failed me.

Promise Made; Promise Kept

Prayer: Put your complete trust in God‘s word (Isa 40:6-8). #PromiseKeeper https://bible.com/bible/116/isa.40.6-8.NLT

Who Do You Trust?


How quickly public opinion changes. But God‘s word never changes. Men make promises and do not keep them. But God‘s word is true and he keeps his promises. Men are like grass that withers and flowers that fade when the heat and drought comes. But the word of the Lord stands forever.

God keeps his promises to deliver this ancient people. He kept his word to send a deliverer in Christ Jesus. He came to deliver men from the curse of sin. He will keep us until the day of our salvation. God’s word will never fail. Oh Lord, you are faithful even when we are not faithful. You are utterly reliable.

Undisputed Champion

Elevate Jesus as the sole redeemer and authority in your life (Col 1:15). #JesusFirst ChristAlone https://www.bible.com/1588/col.1.15.amp

Sōlus Christus – Christ Alone


Who exactly is this agent of light Paul speaks of? Who effects man’s rescue from the empire of darkness and transfers us to the Empire of Light. It is here, beginning with Christ, that Paul begins his rebuttal of two philosophies that threaten the early Church, Syncretism and Gnosticism.* It is here that Christianity gets its most complete explanation of Christ’s singular deity above all others (Sōlus Christus).

Modern movements today that would reflect syncretistic or gnostic attributes might be The Jesus Seminar (est 1985). It does not accept the physical manifestations of the miracles, virgin birth or resurrection of Jesus. Another would be the New Age movement (est 1970s). It is an amalgamation of many humanistic self-actualization beliefs and spiritual views.

But Jesus is the only and undisputed Champion of redemption. He is the exact image, manifestation, of the living God. He is the preeminent and sovereign Lord of all and over all. His life, teachings, miracles and resurrection are rooted in historical fact. May Jesus be elevated in all things concerning my life today and always.


* Syncretism in religious terms merges multiple religious belief systems, traditions and practices into one new system.

*Gnosticism is a religious movement claiming that, 1) salvation is acquired on some mystical higher plane of secret knowledge, not from Scripture; known only by a few; 2) all matter is evil and the spirit is good. Anything done in the body, even the grossest sin, has no meaning because real life exists in the spirit realm only. Vis-à-vis, Christ in human form could not be God. Gnosticism was perhaps the most dangerous heresy that threatened the early church during the first three centuries.

Pray Knowing = Being-Doing

Expect your prayers for others to result in their growth in the knowledge of God (Col 1:9-13). #PrayHard #PrayExpectantly https://www.bible.com/59/col.1.9-10.esv


Paul prays for the believers in Colossae. His prayer is broken up into three parts.

1 of 3 – Paul prays that these believers would have a growing knowledge of God‘s will; spiritual wisdom and understanding. Then Paul explains how that would work itself out. [They did not have the advantage of the complete word of God as we do today] They would walk worthy of their call (honoring/pleasing God), they would produce good fruit in their lives (acts of service and goodness), and they would continue to grow in the knowledge of God (get to know God better and better).

It is important that we read and study God’s word. But not to accumulate or pile up more and more facts (we could pass a test). No, we read/study God‘s word to get to know him better and better. Knowing him, his ways and his will, we will be better able to honor and please him. We will know how to produce gracious acts of service in his name, that achieve good results. Finally, knowledge of him begets more knowledge, more honor, more good fruit…and so it goes.

I may not pray this specific prayer each day. But it is my desire that every prayer I pray over family, friends and country has the effect of their growth in the knowledge of God‘s will; spiritual wisdom and understanding.

The Book

You may be instructed and informed by God’s Book (Isa 34:16,17). #ReadTheBook GodsBookOfTruth https://www.bible.com/97/isa.34.16-17.msg


The “Book of the Lord“ is God’s book of promises and prophecies written down. Why? Because it is no hidden writing. It is open for all to see. What is written, is open for all to search and to find truth. What God has written shall be revealed as truth to all who have eyes to see (2Ti 3:16; 2Pe 1:19-21).

The prophecies given of God reveal and foretell the complete destruction of God’s enemies [Edom]. No one need guess, no one need wonder. For the plan of God is written for the ages. All may see it and all may be informed by it. Father, your word, your promises and your prophecies inform me of truth. I have seen truth come to life with my own eyes. Your Book is my book. I receive it and I pray it so for others who come after me.

A Tale Of Thieves & Assassins

You have heard of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. But have you heard of Ananias and the 40 Assassins?

God will always have the last word; he will not be foiled (Acts 23:12-22). #LastWord


Be certain to read Acts 23:12-22 ( https://www.bible.com/116/act.23.12-22.nlt ) in God’s ancient Holy Book before you read

…A Tale Of Thieves & Assassins

I will here attempt to draw a parallel between a fictional tale from Arabian Nights and the truth from the pages of ancient Scripture.

Ali Baba, a fictional character in the tales of Arabian Nights, discovers by chance a cave full of hidden treasures in a forest. There were expensive Oriental rugs, carpets, silks and a cache of golden coins. It is the covin of 40 thieves. “Open, Sesame,” is the magic word that opens the entrance to the cave and the treasures within.

When the thieves discover that someone has unlocked the secret to their hidden treasure, they set out to not rest until they had killed the intruder. Meanwhile Ali Baba‘s servant girl discovers their plot. Three times she saves Ali Baba‘s life. In the end the 40 thieves die a horrible death by scalding oil. The servant girl is ultimately rewarded with her freedom from servitude.

Now in the ancient Scriptures, God’s Holy Book, a high priest, identified in Acts 23:2 as Ananias of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, finds that he has 40 assassins (conspirators) who are willing to kill the apostle Paul, an intruder into the holy dogma of the day. He preaches the gospel of grace through Christ. In this, it is their belief that he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. They all vow not to eat or drink until Paul is eliminated.

But Paul is not such a criminal as they portray. His only crime is sharing the gospel of Christ. The magic words that open the entrance to heaven’s treasures are, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” But, the plot of the assassins to kill Paul is discovered. Not by a servant girl, but by Paul’s own nephew, his sister’s son.

When the nephew alerts the Roman authorities of this plot to ambush Paul and take his life, Paul is immediately removed from the grip of Ananias and the 40 assassins. I suppose they all went to their graves hungry and thirsty. 


Perhaps it is a stretch to compare the fictional story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves to Ananias and the 40 assassins. Nevertheless, the story of Ananias and the 40 assassins is right out of history, out of God’s Holy Book, from the life of Paul the apostle (Acts 23:12-22).

What can we learn from these two stories? One of them is fictional and the other is true. We learn,

1) When thieves plot against other thieves someone is bound to come to a bitter end.

2) Conspirators and assassins who would plot against one of God’s chosen vessels will themselves be hindered and their attempts at stopping God’s message of salvation will be foiled. God will always have the last word; he will not be foiled.

…And such is the Tale of Thieves & Assassins.

A Different Drumbeat

Find your delight and joy in the counsels of God’s Word (Psm 1:1,2). #DifferentDrumbeat #MarchToADifferentDrummer https://www.bible.com/116/psa.1.1-2.nlt


Day 34 of 40 days of prayer for family and friends. Lord, I pray my family and friends would find their delight and joy in the counsels of your Word.

To be in the counsel of the ungodly, the godless, is to be in apposition with them. That is, to throw in with them, to join in wholeheartedly with their godless philosophies. That necessarily means being in opposition to the counsel and delight of God’s law, God’s word.

I come away from this Psalm asking myself, “To what drumbeat do I march?” Do I march 100% in line with the beat of this world’s drum, and enjoy it? Or do I step out 100% in sync with the Word of God? Lord, may I find my delight in you alone and in your Word. I choose to march to the drumbeat of your Word.

Truly Faithful

You may rely fully on the promises of God (Jer 29:10-14). #FullyRelyOnGod #FROG https://www.bible.com/116/jer.29.10-14.nlt


Day 30 of 40 days of prayer for family and friends. Lord, I pray that my family and friends might pray earnestly to you and wholeheartedly seek you.

Herein lies one of the most clearly stated promises of God in the whole of Scripture. God fills this space with incredible assurance of his work on our behalf. God says to his people, “You will have troubles. But, I will deliver you…I have the plan…It’s a good one, filled with hope for your future.”

God further states, “When you pray, I WILL LISTEN and act. When you look wholeheartedly for me, YOU WILL FIND ME. I will lead you home again.“ My take away from this passage of scripture is that anyone who seeks God with a sincere heart, will find him. If we pray, God will listen and act.

Lord, you were faithful to your promises in the ancient of days. You have been faithful to me and to every sentry through time who has ever stood watch.