Symbols of Faith – The Veil (6 of 8)

Eternal redemption for man was foreshadowed, pictured, in the Old Testament system of worship and furnishings placed in the Jewish tabernacle built by Moses. In the tabernacle there stood artifacts (furnishings). These furnishings were utilized and maintained by the high priest. All of these foreshadowed (symbolized) the coming eternal redemption of man, ushered in by Jesus Christ. He has become the high priest of our faith, of that better covenant named in Hebrews 7:12; 8:6 and Jeremiah 31:31-34.

These journal notes in no way exhaust the depth of meaning found in the Tabernacle. The writer of Hebrews does not even go into the depth of the possible meaning of all these things. My heart here is to uncover as much as possible in a few words, as might stimulate further inquiry and greater depth of faith.

#6 THE VEIL (Prt 1)

Three Veils, Three Doorways
Into God’s Presence


Understand, appreciate what Jesus has done to open the door to a relationship with God (Heb 9:3). #WayTruthLife #JesusIsTheDoorToLife


Three curtains (veils) are represented in the Tabernacle. Taken together, they all represent separation between God and man. There was only one entrance (gate or door) through each veil.

There was one door from outside the Tabernacle into the “Outer Court,” another from the Outer Court into the “Holy Place“ and a third from the Holy Place into the “Holy Holies.“ These doors represent Jesus who is the door to Salvation, the way of salvation (John 10: 7–11). Jesus has opened the way to intimate fellowship with God.

Lord, thank you for the sacrifice you made that I might experience a face to face relationship with Jehovah God.

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