Symbols of Faith – Table Of Shewbread (4 of 8)

Eternal redemption for man was foreshadowed, pictured, in the Old Testament system of worship and furnishings placed in the Jewish tabernacle built by Moses. In the tabernacle there stood artifacts (furnishings). These furnishings were utilized and maintained by the high priest. All of these foreshadowed (symbolized) the coming eternal redemption of man, ushered in by Jesus Christ. He has become the high priest of our faith, of that better covenant named in Hebrews 7:12; 8:6 and Jeremiah 31:31-34.

These journal notes in no way exhaust the depth of meaning found in the Tabernacle. The writer of Hebrews does not even go into the depth of the possible meaning of all these things. My heart here is to uncover as much as possible in a few words, as might stimulate further inquiry and greater depth of faith.


This Tabernacle furnishing may be the most intimate picture of God’s relationship to and concern with man, next to the Mercy Seat.

Table of Showbread & Bread of Presence


Come to God’s table of fellowship; eat of the Bread of Heaven (Heb 9:1,2). #KnowGodsPresence #KnowGodsProvision


The “Table of Shewbread“ stood in the Holy Place, opposite the Lampstand. Exodus 25:30 calls the showbread the “Bread of Presence” [the literal meaning is “face bread”]. The loaves’ shape (high sides, hollowed out in the middle) appeared to have many sides (or faces). It was a symbol of God’s presence.

Twelve loaves were prepared every week (never ending supply). The bread lay upon the table in two piles of six loaves in each. Taken together they symbolize the food that comes from God; his never ending provision for the twelve tribes of Israel as they journeyed in the wilderness. The priests ate of the bread in never ending supply. It further represents spiritual food derived from God’s Word.

Father, I recognize the intimacy of my relationship with you, symbolically, as I come to your table to eat. I receive a never ending supply of spiritual food from you in your Word.

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