Change For Good


Remain open to the inward change Christ brings (Heb 8:8–12). #GoodChange #ChangeForGood


The writer of Hebrews has carefully explained how Christ is superior to angels, to Moses (the greatest prophet) and to the entire Jewish temple priesthood (Chs 1-7). All this necessarily means that the old covenant (system of laws and sacrifices) must give way to the new and superior covenant (where mercy and grace prevail). The prophet Jeremiah predicted this and our writer quotes the entire passage to make the point (Jer 31:31-34).

These Hebrew Christians, and we today, needed to understand that Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross changed everything about the Jewish system of laws and rules. God would seek to change all men’s hearts and not just their behavior. Men would follow God out of love and not out of fear. This is not a matter of denying the old, but of explaining it with a new understanding. That is what the Tabernacle symbolism is all about.

Lord, what this old sentry wants is to understand what is mine in Christ and continue growing in that grace.

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