“That All There Is?”


May we grasp the realities of symbols pointing to heavenly promises (Heb 8:1-6). #IsThatAllThereIs #ThereIsMore #BeyondTheVeil

God told Moses, “Build it according to the pattern I gave you.”


Men contemplate, “Is there something more, something beyond our physical sight?” This world is so temporary. Things change. Nothing remains the same. Thoughtful men ask, “Is this all there is?“ That is what the writer of Hebrews is getting at. There is more!

There is a spiritual, perfect and perpetual reality beyond this world. It is pictured in the Old Covenant. It is pictured in the tabernacle of Moses (and later the temple built by David). These were intended as a pattern, a shadow of heavenly reality where Christ ministers as man’s mediator, in the true place of worship. It is not a place built by frail temporal human hands.

Lord, this aging sentry can see/understand the living permanent reality of a perpetual priest serving in a final and perpetual reality, beyond the veil of my vision.

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