Comprehending The Incomprehensible


Be open to God’s incomprehensible love & grace (Heb 4:14-16). #NoLoveLikeGod’sLove #IncomprehensibleLoveMadeBelievableInChrist


God has made his incomprehensible love believable to us by the life and work of Jesus Christ.

1) The word of God convicts of sin (4:12).

2) The Living Word, Jesus, is the one to whom every man will give an account (4:13).

3) Jesus also understands man’s every weakness and frailty – he himself has lived as a man and faced every life challenge just as we have, but without sin (4:14,15).

4) Jesus extends mercy and grace to all men that they might know redemption (4:16).

Some have believed God knows our needs but does not care. Others have believed God neither knows nor cares. Neither is true. Jesus is God in the flesh. He lived and walked among us. He has made God’s incomprehensible love believable. As such, he has pierced the veil between God and man so that man might know that God is for us. (Psm 56:9; 118:6; Rom 8:31).

Lord, This old sentry is overwhelmed by your incomprehensible love and grace.

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