Presumed Innocent


Own your sin; don’t presume upon God’s goodness (Jer 14:19–22). #SinOfPresumption #OwnYourSin #Don’tBlameOthers


Once again there is a prayer of contrition (see vv 7–9). But it is without true repentance. The people of Judah presume upon God‘s goodness. They say, “Of course we have sinned God – so did our ancestors. Still you saved them – save us. Don’t you have a reputation at stake here? What about your Covenant responsibility? Surely you are the best of the gods…You can send rain.“ PRETTY WEAK.

Is this old sentry (is America) like Judah? Do I take responsibility for my own sin? Do I view God as simply the best among many gods (v22). Do I point my finger and remind God of his Covenant duty (v21), and forgotten my own? Lord, may I (my beloved nation) not presume upon you. My sin is my own and I must own it, humbly repent and appeal to your grace alone for salvation.

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