Not A Pretty Picture


Give us a vision of the road ahead paved in unrepentance (Jer 14:17,18). #TheCostOfUnrepentance #TurnNowToGod


The Lord sets Jeremiah aweeping. He envisions Judah – Jerusalem – as a precious virgin daughter, a woman in her young prime, struck down, lying mortally wounded. Oh what sorrow the Father must endure. In the countryside dead bodies are strewn, slaughtered by the sword of war (a judgment blow).

In the city there are more dead and dying in the streets from famine (another judgment blow). Sadly the false prophets and priests are not only still spewing their lies, they are led into a tragic captivity and there they will die. Not a pretty picture.

Lord, it is NOT hard to imagine an America where her leaders (civic and religious) have lied and led a gullible godless people into a place of devastation. There is no hope, UNLESS, there is true and genuine repentance in the land.

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