Truth Speak


May the mouths of God’s genuine messengers clearly speak TRUTH (Jer 14:13-16). #SpeakTruth


After being told the third time by God not to pray for Judah’s unrepentant people, Jeremiah reverently speaks up to God. “But God, false prophets have been leading the people astray. They tell the people that you say all is well.“

God speaks to Jeremiah, “I did not send them. [Iimplied here, “I sent you“].” “They speak lies [you speak truth]. They were not sent by me [you were]. Their visions are foolish, made up in their own heads [you Jeremiah have heard straight forward truth from me].“

Then God said, “False prophets will go down in flames. They will be among the first to die in judgment. As for those who listen to them [and not to my true prophets], they to will die in judgment.“

Culture is fond of saying, “Speak your truth.“ THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH! Lord, how important it is that the genuine messengers of God continue to speak the truth of your Holy Scriptures.

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