Stand In The Gap


Stand for godly change; be a catalyst for good (Jer 15:1-4). #StandForGodliness #CatalystForChange #StandInTheGap


The line of unrepentant sin had been crossed by Judah. It started with king Josiah‘s father (Manasseh). The people of Judah may have thought there sin was no worse than the people of Manasseh’s time. But it was by their own choice that they continued in their sin. Not even the prayers of Moses or Samuel could save them.

Judgment by disease, the sword, famine and captivity was now eminent. Devastation will come by the destroyers. Their bodies would be dragged away by wild dogs, picked clean by vultures and devoured by other animals. In short, the nation would be decimated.

America should take a lesson from history. When the “body politic” perpetuates sin and tolerates godless leadership, the entire nation suffers. Lord, may the godly stand up to the status quo, turn the tide of godless ideologies and be the genesis of change.

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