The “Only Good”


Find your hope in the only true and living God, Jehovah (Jer 10:6-10). #NoGodLikeJehovah #OneTrueGod #GodTheOnlyTrueGood


Jeremiah draws a sharp contrast between the wisdom of God and a deaf, dumb, wooden, “no god.” There is no comparison. Name the image, name the ideology that is set before us to idolize and venerate as the summum bonum (highest good) in life. It is infantile in comparison to Jehovah God.

There is no God like Jehovah: all wise, all powerful, all merciful, all present and among us. He speaks, he counsels, he guides, he listens to us and understands. He gives grace to the humble. Oh Lord, you are not the “highest good.” You are the only good; the living, true and eternal God (Jude 1:25). In you alone I put my hope.

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