“Fools Errand”


Don’t fall to the deceiving spirits (Idols and ideologies) of this world (Jer 10:11–16). #BewareOfDeceivingSpirits #StandSecureInTheTruthOfGod #Fool’sErrand


All the deceitful idols and ideologies of this world will vanish. They are on a fool’s errand who create and follow after those things that are contrary to and are bent on destroying the God of the Heavens, the people of the world. Deceiving spirits promise happiness and power. But in the end deliver only chaos and destruction.

Jehovah God who created and preserves the earth and all that is in it, who commands the wind and rain, will destroy every stronghold that stands against him and deceives his people. His great love for his people will bring seasons of discipline (ref 9:13–16). Judgment will reveal in whom the real power lies. Lord, I stand secure in you to keep me from the deceiving spirits of this world.

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