Scarecrow gods


Trust God; neither fear nor depend on the idols or ideologies of this world (Jer 10 1–6 look). #FalseGods #TrustJehovahGod

Would You Trust These Advisors?


Listen to what the Lord says to Israel. Do not act like nor fear others who worship dead idols. How ridiculous: a man cuts down a tree. Another man carves an image, made up in his own mind, out of the dead wood. Another man paints and decorates it. Others stand the image up and nail it down so that it won’t fall.

Men lost in idolatry worship a lifeless image made by hand. It is a block of inert wood. It is like an empty headed scarecrow stood up in a field. It can’t speak. It can’t walk, so men carry it. Men call it their God. Really? God says, do not fear nor worship such man-made images (or ideologies). They are no gods. They can neither harm you nor do you any good.

“Lord [Jehovah God], there is none like you. You are great, and your name is full of power.“ You revealed yourself to us. You are Immanuel, God with us (Mat 1:23). In Jesus, you walked among us and spoke to us (Heb 1:2). I worship you alone.

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