Feigned Paramours


Run in contrition, into the truly loving arms of God (Jer 4:28–31). #Repent #TurnNowToGod #RemainFaithfulToGod


The heavens mourn over the destruction of Jerusalem. But the people of Jerusalem press into extreme actions to engage her “paramours.“ She goes to great lengths to impress her other lovers (who are no lovers), those illicit relationships that caused her destruction in the first place. She is terrified of these former lovers who now, and probably always did, despise her.

This woman (Jerusalem) is a thing of beauty on the outside, but she is corrupt and rotten on the inside. She is depicted here as gasping for breath and screaming in pain at her plight. There could be no more decrepit image than one who is caught in the arms of another, yet continues to carry on in his/her adultery. Lord, may we run quickly in repentance of sin into the truly loving arms of God

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