Of Prime Importance


Understand the primacy of repentance toward God (Jer 4:23–28). #RepentanceTowardGod #TurnNowToGod


Jeremiah describes the scene when God destroys Judah. His language and vision is expressive of the undoing of creation itself (Genesis Chap 1). The earth is empty and formless. The light that broke through the darkness is gone. Mountains and hills are toppled. No people, no birds…No life. Fertile fields are a barren wilderness. Everything is in ruins, crushed in God’s fierce anger.

Yet, God is merciful. He assures the people that he will not destroy them completely. He has promised to keep his people and his promises will hold true – but there shall be great morning on earth and in heaven for the devastation caused by sin. God has spoken it. He will and he did do it. Lord, right here I realize that any unrepentant people or nations will suffer the dire consequences of neglecting God’s salvation (Heb 2:1-3).

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