Righteous Anger Prevails


Live your life before God in sincere and humble repentance (Nah 3:1-8). #CityOfShamelessSin #JudgmentOfSinInevitable #RighteousAnger


What was Nineveh to God? She was a “city of murder, city of lies“ (v1); her victims reveal “countless casualties, heaps of bodies“ (v3). She was a “city of faithlessness, a city of deadly charm“ [fatal attraction] (v4). Nineveh was a city of extreme violence, brutality and cruelty (v19). She was a city of pride and arrogance (v8).

There is bad, and then there is evil. Nineveh was evil, on par with Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19:24). Though Nineveh had repented under Jonah’s preaching (Jon 3:6–10), she later ruthlessly destroyed Israel (the northern kingdom). She was now threatening Judah (the southern kingdom) and the entire history of God’s people.

When sin/evil threatens the work of God and his redemption plan, God, in righteous anger, will move to eliminate the threat (note also Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5). Lord, may I live a life of sincere repentance towards you.

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