Prayer For The Fall Of Evil


May the Lord God break the back of the faithless, murderous and despotic leaders of Russia and deliver the Ukrainian people (Nah 3:1-19). #FallOfEvil

My sentry’s prayer this morning Lord, is that you would stand against the faithless, murderous, cruel, oppressor Russia. May the good and decent people of the world stand against the evil greedy intentions of the authoritarian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Lord, would you show yourself as the enemy of the cold-blooded and demonic intentions of Vladimir Putin. May the fate of his regime and power be the same as Nineveh of old. Reveal to the world The stink and the foul odor of his real intentions. May he find himself on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of righteousness.

May the fortress of nuclear power and the façade of strength be broken down and brought to nothing. Remove from Vladimir Putin’s arsenal the princes, officers, advisers and allies around him. May he find himself alone, isolated and without recourse. May his demise be fatal politically and in every other way. Then the good and decent nations of this world will celebrate. May they acknowledge the goodness and greatness of the Lord God.

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