May the nations call upon the living God in repentance (Nah 3:8–19; Isa 55:6). #CallUponGod #TimeIsShort #RepentAndTurnToGod


Naham’s prophesy is that Assyria and her capital city, Nineveh, will be utterly destroyed. Annihilated. Because of her insane arrogance, brutality and cruelty, her indulgent sin and rejection, even defiance of God, she will be decimated. The fatal blow to ancient Assyria came at the hands of Jehovah God. No one would mourn her passing. All celebrated the obliteration of this superpower.

I’m Grieved For Our World Today

Just as predicted, Assyria was no more. This should sober the world today, grieve us, to repentance. Like the north winds are a sign of the coming winter, so the prophecy of Nahum over Assyria should serve as a harbinger of things to come in our world today. The nations of the earth should take heed. There will be a day of judgment, a day of reckoning. May God send an awakening into our world. May God awaken our world from her sleep of death.

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