A Warning To The Nations


May God bring a halt to predatory rapacious nations today (Nah 1:1-3). #WarningToTheNations


The scene shifts from Judah to Nineveh (capital of Assyria; It is CIRCA 620 BC). A century earlier the prophet Jonah preached judgment in the streets of Nineveh. She repented and was spared. But she has since descended into a cesspool of sin – idolatry, extreme violence, pride, murder, treachery and injustice. The prophet Nahum now announces that Assyria’s cup of judgment is full. Judgment is about to fall.

Nations today who overpower other nations, because they can, who show indifference to the destruction of life, property and human suffering will face the full fury of God’s anger. Father in these days the barbarian attack of Russia on Ukraine comes clearly into view. Woe to this godless and abominable leader, Vladimir Putin.

May the Ukrainian people know the full mercy of God. May Russia be decimated in her efforts to trample the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

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