The Price Of Arrogance


Treat God with all the respect and reverence due him (Nah 1:2-8). #HumbledBeforeGod #Don’tTemptGod


God used Assyria to judge the northern kingdom of Israel. Assyria was the superpower of her day. But she became proud, reckless, cruel and defiant towards God and all men (note 2 Kings 18). But God will not share his glory with anyone. He is awesome in power and will stand against such arrogance.

Though God is slow to get angry, those who defy him, his enemies, will feel the fury of his power. But to those who put their trust in him, he will be their refuge. He will be with them in their times of trouble. The mighty nations of this world who defy God, who put trust in their military and economic power and might, will be sorely shaken. Lord, may the nations, leaders and peoples of this world be humbled and reverential towards you.

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