“I’m Sorry” vs “I Repent”


Express true repentance and change for genuine renewal (2Ch 33:14–17). #TrueRepentance


“I’m sorry,“ may get a do over, but “I repent,” changes everything. What happens when God sends renewal to a person soul? Often after a crisis in a person’s life comes deep remorse and apologies (vv11–13). In the case of King Manasseh, he appears to have made amends. He began to secure his kingdom against further attack. He removed idols from the temple and rebuilt the alters to Jehovah God.

But, the people were never really led to reform. They continued to worship pagan deities. Manasseh’s efforts were worthy, but not nearly what we would call “total surrender.“ It was more of an, “I’ll fix this Lord,“ approach to his leadership. Lord, it is never enough to simply be sorry for sin. Genuine change must come. “True religion is not a way of doing certain things. It is a certain way of doing everything.“ – James T Draper

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