God Wonders?


Bow in humble agreement with God about your sin (Isa 59:15,16). #RepentanceTowardsGod #TotalSurrenderToGod #Redemption https://bible.com/bible/1588/isa.59.16.AMP


Our sin is so ghastly to God that it leads to his wonder (amazement). But God does not wonder as if he is surprised by new information. I am thinking as I write, “…and who am I, a finite being subject to the limits of my existence, to be trying to explain the wonder/amazement of God at our sin.”

But, my feeble understanding leads me to conclude that God’s extreme disgust with man’s (my) cesspool of sin leads him to an extreme sovereign act of thoughtful concern for man; that if he did not act on our behalf, there would be none who could or would. Lord, I am humbled at the extremity of your concern to do for for man, for me, what we could never do for ourselves.

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