Overwhelming Mercy


Let God’s overwhelming love, grace and mercy grip your heart (Isa 57:18). #ExtravagantLove #UnconditionalLove https://bible.com/bible/116/isa.57.18-19.NLT


Although God speaks through Isaiah forcefully about the consequences of unholy worship and sin (Ch 56–58), he is not without abundant compassion for those who turn to him. To them he will give an everlasting name (56:4,5); bring them into his presence and fill them with joy (vv 6,7).

God will restore the crushed spirit of the humble, give courage to the weak and give peace and comfort to the distressed; praise will be on their lips (57:15,18). Extravagant grace and salvation shall overwhelm them. Their light will affect everyone around them and he will satisfy their deepest needs (58:10-12).* Father, I am overwhelmed at your abundant and unconditional love for me.


* (Optional read from Isa 58:8-14)

Get a sense of God’s overwhelming love, mercy and grace here (paraphrased):

If you will worship me [God] in a spirit of honor, respect toward others, genuine humility and true repentance, Salvation will come to you like the breaking dawn (it will burst in upon you in magnificent glory; you will be in awe).

Your true godliness will cause you to advance and God’s glory will protect you. When you call on me I will hear you and answer quickly. Your light shall shine in the darkness around you. Your own darkness will be bright as noonday. The Lord will guide you continually.

You will have water when you are thirsty and strength when you are weak. There will be a beauty about you like a well watered flower garden. Your life will be an ever flowing spring of water. Some of you will even have the reputation as builders of deserted and ruined cities, builders of bulwarks to protect; restorers of homes/families.

The Lord will delight in your worship; he will give you honor and satisfy you with the inheritance of promises made to your spiritual ancestors.

“I the Lord have spoken!“

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