Life Source (pt 1)


Give thanks for the efficacy of God‘s word to bring new life (Isa 55:9,10). #NewLife #GodsWordWorks


The natural world teaches me the efficacy of God’s word. Consider the rain and the snow that falls indiscriminately on every part of the earth. The winter snow blankets the earth, melts and waters the soil. In the Spring the rains fall, further watering the soil. We see the effects of these natural phenomenon when tiny buds appear at the end of a branch, or a stalk, or a vine. THERE IS LIFE !

In the same way God’s word goes out in every direction and soaks into the soil of men’s hearts. It waters and nourishes the dry thirsty soul. Then at the right time comes the budding of new life and renewal. God’s word has the power to change lives. Thank you Lord, for your word, which produces life-giving nourishment to every needy soul.

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