A Place Called Fair Havens

Will you learn to live and serve in the place God plants you (Acts 27:7-12)? #GrowWhereYouArePlanted #FindContentmentInGod https://www.bible.com/116/act.27.9-13.nlt

Fair Havens, Island of Crete


Many a ship, crew and cargo have been lost because of decisions made by men to ignore the facts at hand. Paul pleaded with the ship’s officers to wait out the winter storms in a place called Fair Havens. But the ship’s company thought Fair Havens an incommodious place. They decided, against better judgment, to set sail for the more commodious port of Phoenix.

How often we wish to leave the Fair Havens of life, thinking to outrun the storms ahead. We look to the more favorable places to set anchor and harbor. We ignore the signs of tragedy ahead. We ignore the counsel of God. We leave the Fair Havens given by God and set sale for our own desired comforts. Lord, I pray this aged old sentry has finally learned to trust you and grow and serve where you plant me?

2 thoughts on “A Place Called Fair Havens

  1. ***************************** # A Place Called Fair Havens Deanne’s prayer

    Precious Lord Jesus, Thank You for a place called Fair Havens. Thank You for Your safe harbors even when one of the safe harbors of life is at home during the world wide pandemic. You carried me through pneumonia a year before covid19 arrived, healing me and Your word to me was “It’s good to be home.” Over and over You kept speaking that word to me and I found that word in a beautiful frame at Joann’s. And I keep it on my ministry desk. It was the spring before covid19.

    Precious Jesus, home was my safe harbor. My brother was incarcerated in Oklahoma and Jesus You felt my broken heart and heard my cries in the night. You led me to share my pain; and my heartbreak for families of inmates. Jesus, they need to find a safe harbor, a place like Fair Havens when they come to church. Jesus, they need to feel Your love and compassion.

    Thank You for Pastor Roger and Dianne Hollar and for Mercy Heart. Thank You for all the lives that were saved. Thank You for the families that were restored. Blessed is the man/woman who listens to You, watching daily at Your doors, waiting at Your doorway. You promised that a faithful man will be richly blessed and blessings crown the head of the righteous. Blessed is he/she who comes in the Name of the Lord!

    Thank You Jesus for this ‘new’ ministry “Prayer Sentry.” Bring Your encouragement to Bro Roger, he has a heart of compassion for hurting families and the incarcerated prisoners and the lost and broken.

    This season of covid19 will soon be over. Thank You Jesus for Your deliverance from this pandemic. Thank You for the vaccines. Thank You for the praise link and choir newsletters that helped me through my brother’s incarceration. Thank You for the radio stations and Christian stations on TV. Thank You for phones and computers and so many ways of reaching out with Your love in so many different ways of ministry.

    Jesus, I come, standing in Your love in Jesus Name, amen. I am believing for miracles!!!



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