“Chopped” Pt1; A Choice To Make

Heed God’s warnings and repent [turn around] (2Ki 17:22,23). #Judgment #TurnToGod https://www.bible.com/116/2ki.17.22-23.nlt


In a popular Food Network show, chefs compete to be the “Chopped Champion.“ Every round ends with a critique (judgment) of their food. One chef is eliminated. A judge explains the critique to the chef and says, “For these reasons, we had to chop you.“

God does the same with Israel. She had been warned (v13). God then explains that she has been flagrantly idolatrous (vv9,10,15,16), obstinately disobedient (vv12,15,16) and rejected God (v14,15). She had sold her soul to worship of the stars (astrology), child sacrifice and other occult practices (v17). “For these reasons,“ (v18) the cleaver of God‘s judgment had fallen on them.

Lord, may the heart of this sentry remain sensitive to your Spirit. May I listen to your warnings, change quickly and alert others clearly.

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