Seek God Out As Friend & Ally

Do not reject God; it will not go well for you (2Ch 28:16-25). #Contemptuous #NoHonor


Following the losses to Israel and Syria (Aram), Judah’s king Ahaz still rejected God. The Lord continued to humble Judah because of Ahaz. The small land of Edom invaded Judah and took captives. The Philistines invaded in the south and took land belonging to Judah. Instead of calling on God for help, Ahaz still rejected God; held God in contempt. 

Ahaz tried to appease Assyria for help. He robbed the temple, the royal palace and the homes of his officials to buy off Assyria. But that did not work. He closed the temple and set up shrines to pagan gods. All of this led to his ruin. God’s anger was aroused at the abject wickedness of this king.

Lord, in the morning watches I shall seek you as friend and ally. I ask that my beloved country and its leaders seek you as friend and ally.

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