Be The Light In Darkness

Allow God to use you to point people to the light of Christ (2Ch 29:3–5,10,11). #Revival #SpiritualAwakening,10-11.amp


Hezekiah, son of wicked king Ahaz, becomes the king of Judah. He was a man the polar opposite of his father. The first thing he did was to re-open the temple. He called a meeting of the priests and Levites. He tells them to purify themselves and clean the temple out of all impure things.

Out of the darkest of times revival was on the way. The priests and Levites begin again to minister before the Lord and to lead the people to worship God once again. Lord, would you give us a leader in our nation who will call us back to you. Lord, may I be used to bring light into dark places.

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