Simper Gumby*

Prayerfully plan, but trust God in the journey (Rom 15:32). #JourneyOfALifetime


Some of Paul’s closing words to the Christians in Rome are, “I am eager to visit you, to enjoy your fellowship“ (v23,24). But first he must go to Jerusalem. Paul’s final prayer request is that he be “rescued from unbelieving Jews” there. Then, “BY THE WILL OF GOD,” he would go to Rome with a “JOYFUL” heart to rest and enjoy time with them. 

Paul expects one thing. But God works according to his own will and purposes. In Jerusalem, resentful Pharisees incite a riot against Paul (Acts 21:27,30). This leads to his arrest and appeal to Cesar. Ultimately Paul’s trip to Rome became reality, but as a prisoner in chains. Paul’s response? “I am [JOYFULLY] willing even to die for the sake of Christ” (Acts 21:13). Lord, keep me joyfully flexible along the path of the journey. 

This sentry’s prayer may be limited by perspective, but it’s unlimited by God’s eternal scope.

  • Always Flexible (Pro 16:9)

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