A “Galaxy of Saints”

Reflect on those great lights God has used to influence you (Rom 16:1-16). #ChristianInfluence https://www.bible.com/116/rom.16.7.nlt


Paul closes his letter to the Romans with a long list of folks whom he deeply respected, loved and appreciated. Romans 16:7 is representative. There are too many to list here, but they have been called a “Galaxy of Saints” (Griffith Thomas). Paul mentions attributes of each.

My take away causes me to reflect on the “Galaxy of Saints” who have been instrumental in my life. Pastors, mentors, fellow laborers in prison ministry, close friends in Christ, parents and my dear wife. What an array. Indeed a galaxy of saints for whom I give thanks to the Lord. They are treasures more precious than gold.

In the quiet of the night watches a thoughtful sentry might reflect on those great lights who have influenced his/her life.

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