Prayer, Inspired By Love

Open your heart to prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit (Rom 15:30,32). #Prayer #Intercession,32.nlt


In these verses Paul reveals the primary motivating factor in our prayers for others. Prayer is motivated by our love towards others, GIVEN by the Holy Spirit (also Gal 5:22). The Spirit himself is motivated to glorify Jesus (Jhn 16:14).

Sometimes this love is a reconciling love, praying for those hard to love (Mat 5:44); sometimes a tough love for those who have drifted away (Gal 6:1); sometimes a pastoral love for those seeking to walk in faith (Jhn 17:9); sometimes a redemptive love for those lost in sin (Jhn 17:20). Ultimately, sentry prayers are inspired in love by the Holy Spirit and glorify Jesus. Paul says, God’s will be done.

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