Jesus Sinless Mediator


Rest securely in Jesus, our sinless representative/advocate with God (Heb 5:1-10). #JesusSinlessAdvocate #JesusSinlessPriest #JesusSinlessMediator

High Priest: Represent Men to God; God to Men


Jesus, unlike the high priests of his day – chosen by Roman authorities, qualifies as our High Priest. 1) He was called and chosen of God. Like Aaron in the Old Testament, Jesus was chosen, called by God to be our High Priest (note these references: Heb 1:5; Psm 110:4; Jhn 1:29-34).

2) It is further essential that the High Priest be able to deal compassionately with broken humanity. He must be subject to the life, challenges and sufferings of men, yet without sin.

3) Finally, he would be a man motivated and compelled by God to serve others, pray earnestly for others and sacrifice his life for others.

Jesus qualifies as the sinless High Priest of our faith. Lord, I may rest securely in you as the fulfillment of the role of High Priest, eternally advocating for me.

See also on this blog The Greatest Hope (link here).

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