No “No Fault” Policy


Understand your accountability before God (Heb 4:13). #NotMyFaultNoExcuse #AccountableToGod


What is made clear to man in the Word of God (that which both comforts and convicts from the pages of Scripture – Heb 4:12), is also manifest in him to whom all men are accountable (that is, Jesus Christ who is both Savior and Judge). Nothing in our lives is hidden from him. Before Christ every man’s shame, guilt and sin is and will be exposed.

The only saving grace for me is my response of Faith to the Good News of Salvation. Did I neglect or reject God‘s message of Salvation? Here’s the question. “How shall we escape [judgment] if we neglect so great a salvation” (Heb 2:3).

Lord, I understand there is no hiding my sin and corruption from you. “Not my fault,” is no excuse. Only my faith, repentance and confession of sin is what gives me full access to Salvation and Kingdom life.

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