Sometimes You Have To “Audible”

In the course of calling plays the quarterback steps up to the line, sees things he did not expect and then calls an “audible.” He makes an adjustment to changing circumstances.

For reasons that are hard to share at this time, I have to, “Call an audible” and step away from posting for some time. How long, is in the Lord’s hands. Some, who know me personally, will understand.

One of the greatest joys in my life, next to knowing Jesus and standing by my beloved wife, is to spend time with God each day, listening, writing and praying. Right now those times are more challenging. The last thing I want is for my blogging to become a chore, something I have to do.

I will continue spending time with God, listening and praying. Life throws too much at us to “stand down.” I will continue to pray for my family and friends, who are dear to me. I will continue to pray for my beloved country; she is in deep need of revival in our churches and awakening in the land. I am just having to adjust how and when I can grab that time.

Thank you for signing up to receive my posts. I didn’t want to just disappear from your inbox with no explanation.

God Bless…Stand Your Post In Prayer!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To “Audible”

  1. Much love to you and your beautiful family I appreciate all you have done and still do as a laborer in Christ my life is forever changed because of ur call to duty
    Lori Baker

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  2. Hi Roger
    I get it…from a distance. The life- journey is filled with challenges…and/or outright attacks. As Jesus said…”you have an enemy…” We agree with Jesus and we agree with Him… He said..”I am the God who heals you.”
    God bless the day.


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