Doors To Worship, Always Open


Worship God; point all men to him (Psalm 100). #Worship #GiveThanksToGod #KnowGod #ComeToGod

Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving;
His Courts With Praise


Some might try to make the case that only God‘s righteous ones could genuinely appreciate this Psalm of thanksgiving and joy. But it seems that this is a call to all men to worship the Lord, to enter his gates and courts with thanksgiving and praise. Entering into his temple was never intended to be reserved only for the religious elite.

Here, as in Romans 1:19–21, God makes it clear that all men were created by him and can clearly see him and know him. God desires to fellowship with us. His love endures to all generations past, present and future. God is no respecter of persons. His faithfulness extends to all. The door is open to come and worship. All may come and know him. Lord, use this old sentry to point men to you.

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